Six Things to Do While on Fall Break

fall break
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Katherine Daniel ~ Editor in Chief

     Fall break is finally here, heck yeah. It is finally time for that break to go home and see your friends and family. This is the time to catch up with those that you have not seen in a while. The only problem about going home for fall break is that it is a teaser before Thanksgiving and Christmas break. By the time Christmas break is here, I will be done with my undergraduate level too! (Woohoo!) Here are some things that you can do while being on fall break.

  1.     Catch up with family. You have been away from family for a while now, so this is a time where you can catch up with your parents, grandparents, and all the fam. If you are like me, this is the time where I like to hang out with my mom and catch up. Honestly, my mom is my best friend, so I do not mind hanging out with her when I get a chance. Being away for a while, which means that your family misses you and they want to catch up and know all about “what you are doing at college?”, “how are things going?”, “are you dating someone?”, “how is living in Lynchburg?”, “what are the parties like?”, and so many more questions that would take me forever to tell you. Just catch up with them and let them know that you are doing well in classes, and then answer the rest of the questions when you have time.
  2.     Catch up with friends. Many of your friends might be in college away from your hometown and might not have the same fall break as you, but some of your other friends who stayed in the area you live in might want to hang out with you. Get a group of friends together and go hang out. Go to the movies, bowling, go get coffee, or go ride around and listen to some music. One of the things I love to do with my friends is to go ride some of the back roads while I am home and blare music in my car as we sing the night away. It is so much fun to just dance and sing while catching up with your friends that you have missed so much.
  3.     Catch up on some fall shopping. Now, if you are like me and love to go shopping, catch up on some fall shopping. It does not matter if it is clothes or décor, catch up on that fall shopping that you need. I love to go fall clothes shopping at American Eagle for the soft and sexy long sleeve shirts. They are always a go-to to wear with a vest. You can get different colors and just mix and match with different vest. It is awesome. Get you some fall décor to spruce up your room while you are home.
  4.     Catch up with some of your old high school teachers. Go to your high school and visit some of your old high school teachers. They will be so happy to see you and get to catch up with you on how college classes are going.
  5.     Get ahead with some of your school work. When you get back to college from fall break, you do not want to be catching up on school work. You would rather be ahead of your school work. At least for me, that is what I would want. For me, I will be working on my senior thesis literature review before break and during break, working on graphics stuff, and journalism stuff.
  6.     Out with the old, and in with the new. Get some of the old clothes that you do not wear anymore and sell them while you are home. You can earn some extra $$$ while being home, so when you go back to college, you will have some money.

     Those are my tips for fall break. If you have any suggestions on topics I should cover, shoot me an email at


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