Illustration by Nicole Freewalt.

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Copy Editor 

     With the accelerated approach of Halloween, I am excited to watch every spooky film I can get my hands on. With the combined efforts of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and some creative googling, you, too, can watch these five scary movies.

  1. Scream. The entire scream franchise is on Netflix right now. If you are not a huge fan of the jump scares and horror that other slasher films are known for, the Scream movies are for you. They have tons of gore, but the best thing about them is that they are hilarious! They are super meta about other slasher films, even to the point of going through the rules of scary movies and including other scary movies within the actual movie! They are great for a night in with some popcorn and friends. If movies are not your thing, they have the Scream TV series on Netflix too.
  2. A Quiet Place. While not classic horror, this movie certainly scared the pants off me. I watched it on a flight, and the whole time I was hyper aware of every sound around me. The horror was done very well throughout the whole movie, because nothing is more terrifying than silence. I cannot remember if any of the cast actually speaks in the movie, but even without their voices, the acting was fantastic. If you are a fan of aliens and quiet jumpscares, you can watch A Quiet Place on Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.
  3. The Autopsy of Jane Doe. My aunt recommended this one to me. You can find it on Netflix. It was creepy and spooky and until the big reveal, you do not know exactly what is going on. The premise is that police find a girl’s body relatively unharmed in a house full of mutilated corpses. The medical examiner and his son do the autopsy, but a storm traps them in their basement morgue and then things start going downhill, fast. It is a great movie to watch at night, alone, in the middle of a big storm.
  4. Children of the Corn. An absolute classic, and probably my favorite scary movie of all time. This movie is campy and fun while also being gory. A man and a woman break down and get stuck in a Midwest town where there are no adults and very many creepy kids running around with knives. The original is the only version I have seen, so that is the one I will recommend. You can find this one on Hulu.
  5. Hereditary. Okay, I will not lie: this movie continues to make my skin crawl. The whole thing is absolutely horrifying. When I watched it, I was in a room with at least seven other people and it was still so, so very scary. It is a movie that is not afraid of all the gore possible, and you never truly know what is going to happen next until it does. You can find this one on Amazon Prime Video, but please, for your sanity, do not watch it alone.

     As Halloween draws nearer, get into the spooky mood and check out some of these films. Grab some popcorn, a blanket, and a friend or two, and enjoy!

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