Illustration by Nicole Freewalt

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Copy Editor

     Halloween is quickly approaching, and if you have no idea what/if you are dressing up as this year, time is running out. Here are some quick last-minute costumes that are easy and fun for a Halloween party.

  1. Skeleton. What you need: black and white face paint, skeleton t-shirt, black pants, black shoes. Skull face painting is easy enough. Use a makeup sponge to spread white all over your face, and then outline your eyes in black, two triangles on your nose, and a skeleton smile. If you want to and have the time to go hard, you can outline vertebrae along your throat, your clavicles, and any other exposed bone-bits on your hands and wrists.
  2. Doll. What you need: pink and black face paint, red lipstick, “cute” clothes. All you need is to make two pink circles on your cheeks and a heart on your lips. With the black face paint, you can add cracks to your cheeks and forehead. Clothing is really up to you. A skirt? Great. A pair of jeans? Awesome. What really matters is the face paint.
  3. Scarecrow. What you need: red, orange, and brown face paint, a flannel, jeans, boots, and hay or hay-adjacent crafting supply. For your face makeup, two red circles on your cheeks, and orange triangle on your nose, and black lines that make them look sewn on around the edges. With the brown paint, you can add optional patches to your neck, other places on your face, and hands. Any t-shirt will do under the flannel, and then stick the hay in every possible place. I suggest putting it in your hair, around your wrists, and in your shoes.
  4. Cat/Dog. What you need: black and pink face paint, ears. Decide on a color scheme and make sure all your clothes stick to that theme. I find that black is the easiest color, because everyone has some sort of black clothing. This time of year, ears are really easy to find in every store around Lynchburg. If you are feeling fancy, you can make your own ears with lace and wire, or even some paper clips and bobby pins. For the face, paint your nose pink, put some black dots and whiskers on your cheeks, and a line down the center of your cupid’s bow from your nose to your mouth.
  5. College student. What you need: sweatpants, an oversized sweatshirt, a notebook or textbook, some dark eyeshadow, and an empty coffee cup. Apply the dark eyeshadow under your eyes to make it look like you have bags, or skip this step if you have not slept well since the beginning of the school year. The oversized sweatshirt gets extra points if it is from our university. Wander around like a zombie and your costume is complete!

     I hope I have given you some ideas to ruminate on, and happy candy hunting!

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