IMG_B403765D486C-1 Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

The Student Activity Board hosts approximately 2000 events annually to ensure continued student engagement at the University of Lynchburg. 

     According to the university’s website, S.A.B., “is the major programming organization at the University of Lynchburg. S.A.B. is a student-run organization providing the campus with diverse cultural, social, educational, and recreational programs and events.”

     First year students can maybe even benefit from these programs, especially around the beginning of the year because it is a great way to meet new people and just to know the campus community a little bit better. On top of that, these activities are for everyone on campus and allows for people from different years to meet people they have not met. 

     Christa Walker, a senior and the Public Relations Director of S.A.B. said, “The whole idea of it is making it what the students want. We planned Casino Night, Silent Disco, Wing Bingo, Build-A-Bear, and more in the past, but this semester we have more events coming like comedians, free donuts on Friday, and [we] ordered tickets for cheap for Scaremare and are providing a ride to and from.”

     Walker said, “Right now, it consists of three [positions]: myself as public relations director, Bryan Bedell as president, and Harlee King as events coordinator. This organization has had its ups and downs in membership, but the three of us have been holding on for a year. It is fun, but we are trying for a full board this year.”

     Although S.A.B has varying participation numbers, members like Walker are really hopeful and want to make students here on campus have fun and have new activities to do.

     Laura Kim, a senior said, “I really do enjoy the events that the members of S.A.B host. They are a great way to just have fun with your friends, but also win or eat free things. I really do appreciate what they do for our campus for having events like finals blow out or just bingo.”

     Students like Kim are just some of the reasons why staff members like Walker keep coming back. Walker wants people to be happy and be excited about events that are being held.