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On Saturday, Sept. 21, the University of Lynchburg Lady Hornets Equestrian team went head-to-head against Fresno State University in their Inaugural National Collegiate Equestrian Association (NCEA) meet. Unfortunately, the Lady Hornets were defeated by Fresno State University by a score of 2 to 6. Second-year senior equestrian team member Taylor Herzog received points in both flat and fences.
Although the team did not get the result that it wanted, this event marked a historic step in the program as this was their first time officially competing in the NCEA according to Lynchburg Sports.

Fifth-year recreational equestrian team member Missy Green said, “The equestrian team has been a huge part of my life and has given me the chance to bond with my teammates through lessons and shows. Ever since I came to the University of Lynchburg, everyone on the team has been so supportive and has me grow in my riding. For some people, it may seem like a lot of work, but, for us riders on the equestrian team, every second is worth it.”
Green also noted that equestrian team members give a lot of their time to the sport, like any other varsity sports team on-campus. And, because the team members spend so much time together, lifting, practicing, providing for their horses, and maintaining their stables, Herzog insisted, “The equestrian team has given me so many opportunities and friendships that will influence my life for years to come.”
For Green and Herzog, the team is family. Taylor explained, “The dedication that this sport requires has created a bond throughout the team that makes it feel more like a family rather than just a team. Having so much support from my teammates has helped me progress in my riding and has given me so much confidence in and out of the ring that I am so thankful for.”
The equestrian team will be competing again on Friday, October 4 against New Paltz, a State University of New York (SUNY) school, and on Saturday, October 12 in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) event at Hollins University. This will be an all-day event. Next, the team will compete in the Bridgewater IHSA event on Saturday, October 19. And, finally, on Sunday, October 20, there is an IHSA event hosted by the University of Lynchburg beginning at 10 a.m. More updates will follow regarding the exact location of the event!

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