Drew Pelkey
Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Drew Pelkey

Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

According to the University Ambassadors Fact Sheet,  about 18% of the student body at the University of Lynchburg participates in greek life. There are a total of ten social greek organizations on campus. Greek life is a way for people to find who they are and to also find a group of people who shares the same values.

     Just this year, the university got a new Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life, who oversees all the activities of fraternities and sororities on campus. The person who fulfilled this position is Drew Pelkey. 

     Pelkey is originally from Richmond, Virginia and went to school in Farmville at Longwood University. While she was there, she joined a sorority and other leadership opportunities on campus. After that, she went to school in North Carolina to study college student development. She realized that being involved in organizations like greek life was something she wanted as a career.  

     Pelkey is young and really happy to be here to make greek life what she knows it can be. She was in greek life so she is a big advocate for it and how it changed her life. 

     Pelkey said, “I was on the executive board in Alpha Gamma Delta and was also on my Panhellenic executive board.” These leadership opportunities in her sorority allowed to build a sense of confidence and she wants others to feel the same way.

     She went on to say,”I think for me, one thing I hope to bring is just education on all councils… I think it is super important that we are learning from each other because I think learning from our differences is important.”

     Mark Twomey, a brother of Phi Kappa Tau said, “I am excited to see what she is going to bring to greek life and how it will change for the better while she is in this position. I feel like she is going to do a good job.”

     Story Smith, the president of Kappa Delta said, “ I had an opportunity to talk with her and she is really easy going. She seems like a good fit for this position, but also for U of L. I am really excited to see what she will bring to greek life on campus.”

     Greek life as a whole is excited to see what Pelkey is going to do. She has great plans about how to learn from one another, which is a good idea because that involves more greek unity on campus. Greek unity is something that the campus strives to do. More of this unity would be helpful in order for all the chapters to grow.