Sam Sacavage~  SGA Senator

 Greetings fellow Hornets! My name is Sam Sacavage, and I am a representative of Hundley Hall on the Student Government Association Student Senate. I also serve as the Programming Coordinator for the Second Year Success Committee. 

     On Wednesday, September 11th, Darian Geddis, the Vice President of External Affairs for SGA, and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bob Driskill, the Head of Security, to discuss the issue regarding the parking allocation for the students that are just now moving from the Annex into the new residence hall. In the wake of students moving into the new residence hall, SGA was made aware of possible parking issues that will result from those students moving back on campus, as there are currently not enough spaces behind the new residence hall to facilitate all the students moving back. 

     During these discussions our, Dean of Students, Dr. Aaron Smith, reached out to our President, Davion Washington, Jr., requesting proposals for parking solutions when the new residence hall students return to campus. Initially, it was suggested that students living in the new residence hall would be allowed to park in the Nest, as an overflow option. However, this lit a fire within the second-year community because felt it would be unfair to have to make the long hike up to the new residence hall. 

     One suggestion proposed by Vice President Geddis and myself involved utilizing the parking lot that is next to the Nest, on Thomas Road, as a staff parking lot with a shuttle going back and forth. Unfortunately, that lot is not equipped with security features such as lights, cameras, or fences due to it not yet being fully completed. Hopefully, this second lot next to the Nest will be done around fall break. 

     In addition, the new lot is currently only accessible by crossing to the Nest and using the stairs in that lot. There are currently proposals for a footbridge to be installed in the woods, connecting the new lot to campus. Due to parking limitations and the state of the new lot, faculty have been asked to park at University properties along Lakeside Drive. 

     The Student Government Association proposal outlined that staff parking in the Thomas Road lot will alleviate parking issues created from the new residence hall opening. After our meeting, an email was sent out on Sept. 14th by the Dean of Students stating students should only park in their designated areas to alleviate parking stress. However, the email outlined that first-years are now allowed to park behind Tate and Mont in the designated white lines, which has caused a backlash in the campus community students with a resident decal, as the influx of first-year cars limits their parking options. 

     This solution for parking has temporarily resolved the issue, but it is by no means a perfect solution. As the Student Government Association, we strive to represent your best interests as students on this campus. We will continue to work with the  Administration to ensure all students are given adequate parking opportunities. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions by email, and stop by our booth in Drysdale for Feedback Friday.