Grace Cavanaugh ~ Copy Editor

This coming Monday, Sept. 23, is the Autumnal Equinox, when summer finally ends and the leaves start to change color. Also known as Mabon, it is a celebration at the end of the harvest season.

      Like any other celebration, there are lots of different activities you could do to welcome the autumn season.

      1 Apple picking. Being in the mountains, there are several places around Lynchburg where you can go apple picking! It is a fun activity, whether alone or in a big group. These apples can then be used in making pies, fritters, between-class snacks, and various other delectable dishes.

      2 Visit a corn maze. It is almost that spooky time, and corn mazes will start cropping up everywhere. Whether creepy or just for fun, corn mazes are a great way to spend a weekend with some of your closest buds, and who knows? Maybe you will make it to the end!

      3 Make some decorations. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and other craft stores are bound to have both Halloween and fall decorations out. Wreaths for front doors or dorm doors can be made with colorful leaves and little pumpkins. Pinecones and gourds make for great window décor. And, of course, pumpkin carving!

      4 A friend dinner party. Using the apples from apple picking, or some things picked up at Kroger, you can cook a nice dinner for you and your friends. Nuts and berries, apples and corn, pumpkins and other fall vegetables can make a very pretty meal. Enjoy some good times and good food.

      5 Have a bonfire. I am not sure where you could do this in Lynchburg, but there are always grills at the houses or stovetops in the dorms that you and your friends can gather and catch up, slow down and chill out for a minute or two. Maybe someone has some marshmallows you can roast!

      6 Go outside. Take a break from whatever you are working on and go outside. Enjoy the weather as it turns. Breath in that fall air and be in the moment. It can be very relaxing and refreshing during long study hours or a homework binge.

      Whatever it is you decide to do, make sure to take some time for yourself. We are a month into the semester, and burnout is likely to begin soon. Hang out with your friends and destress for a while. Happy Mabon!