College Life: Nine Tips to Staying Organized

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Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

 So, the semester has finally started and you are almost through your first two weeks of classes (woohoo!!). If you are like me, sometimes you cannot decide on an outfit to wear, so you throw all these clothes on the bed and then decide. Or you also might be like me and have 50 million things running through your head that you need and have to do. The answer to this is… GET ORGANIZED!! You might be asking, “How do I get organized? And how does this help me not throw clothes on my bed?” Well, here are ways to keep yourself organized throughout the semester without becoming too stressed.

  1.     Phone To-Do List. These are my lifesavers. You can use the app on your iPhone called “Notes” or, the one I like to use is “To-do list.” I actually use both of these apps, but I just recently downloaded “To-do list.” Having these to-do lists on your phones helps you not forget things that you need to do today. I like to use to-do lists for when I have a lot of homework, practices, things to do for work, and things that I have to get done at the apartment. Remember, to-do lists are always your friend, so use them!
  2.     Roll your clothes. If your dresser is cluttered with clothes hanging out of it, a tip would be to roll your clothes. When you roll your clothes and have them in your dresser drawers like this, it gives you a glimpse of all of your options that you have, rather than throwing your clothes all over your bed to see what you have. Fun fact: when you roll your clothes, you also will not have any creases in your shirts!
  3.     Hang up your clothes. I love to have my clothes hung up in the closet because I can see what all I have in it. This also sometimes eliminates you from throwing your clothes on the bed to decide about an outfit choice, but other times it does not and you just have to hang them back up later, like I do. You can see your clothes a lot quicker, and by hanging your clothes up, you are more than likely not going to have wrinkled clothes.
  4.     Calendar Planners. Planners are like my Bible.  A planner will improve your organization extremely. I also write my homework, practices, things for work, and things to do at home in my planner. It definitely helps me stay organized and less stressed out (even though I feel I am stressed out all of the time!). In your planner, you can write things down and then cross them out. I like to color code things in my planners, as well, so that I am not getting confused about something.
  5.     Nighttime Tidy. Before bed every night, I love to briefly pick up things around the house. My fiancé thinks I am crazy, but I have to do this. I do not really like the house being messy. I get the Clorox wipes and the Swiffer and clean like crazy. I put my backpack, purse, and things I carry to college in one area. I clean up all of my fur babies’ toys and mess. Always try and keep your apartment/dorm somewhat clean!
  6.     Keychains. Put a fun and bright keychain on your keys. This way you do not leave your keys somewhere you cannot find them. I also use a “Tile” to find my keys, just in case I lose them.
  7.     Sticky Notes. Sticky notes are definitely lifesavers to stay organized. I put them on the mirror in my bathroom or bedroom to remind me of things I need to do.  I also leave sweet notes on them to my fiancé when I am in a sweet mood. Do these for your roommates to make their day better or to remind you of things that you need to do.
  8.     Night Time Outfit Prep. I do this every night. Figuring out what you want to wear the night before, saves you time the next morning to do other things. At night, lay out your options and figure out what you want to wear. This also saves you from throwing clothes all over your bed and coming home and having to clean them off and fold them.
  9.     Extra Morning Minutes. Always have extra minutes in the morning for you to do your hair and makeup routine. Enjoy that cup of coffee that starts up your day. You will feel much better and confident throughout the day of classes.

     Those are my nine quick tips for you to stay organized! If you have any suggested opinion pieces I should write, email me at! 

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