Caroline Wilkerson ~ Copy Editor

For the 2018-2019 school year, Erika McLeod has served as the assistant director for Lynchburg Hornets Sports Network (LHSN).

McLeod stated, “I direct the In Game Promotions and Fan Engagement; within this entity I handle the sports marketing by going out and connecting with local businesses and offer them an opportunity to sponsor our sporting events. I provide the entertainment during half time by hosting a contests for fans to participate in. I also host the Daily Buzz on Tuesdays, and have been the emcee for different campus events such as the Lynchburg Talent Show, the Faculty and Staff Holiday Party, and others. I produce feature stories that air on the Daily Buzz.”

Junior, Elena Ferguson, said, “I remember going to basketball games during the winter season and saw Erika working the crowd, trying to get students involved and participating. I thought her energy was amazing, and I remember asking my friend who she was.”

McLeod continued, “My intentions here at the university are to bridge the gap between athletics and other parts of campus and provide a platform for other organizations to reach new audiences and share their story. I have covered stories on the Outdoor Leadership Program, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, and events like the Suicide Awareness Walk. I also made a commercial for OEI on their Brown Bag Lunch that received over 2 thousand views on Facebook. I have worked specifically with the Field Hockey team and produced creative videos to help with their recruitment. Recently, I started creating graphic flyers that list the games of the week as a new tactic to increase fan attendance and provide sponsors a different advertising incentive to work with us by promoting the free giveaways.”

Lynchburg student, Kimberly Mendez who recently met McLeod she said, “I was at a baseball game not that long ago, and I met Erika as she was handing out flyers for upcoming games. She also spoke to me about upcoming promotions to get students involved, and I thought that was really cool. The flyer is still hanging on the fridge at my house.”

McLeod also noted that  LHSN is working tirelessly to improve the student-fan experience. She said, “The Lynchburg Hornets Sports Network covers a live broadcast for 23 teams and brings the games right where they are. Not only does the live sports broadcast stream on the website, but Lynchburg Sports also has its own app called Won Nation for Android and IOS devices. I think it is remarkable the work the team puts in to ensure the fan experience for those who are not able to make it in attendance. Whether there are five games back to back in one day, or it is pouring rain; if there is a game going on, the LHSN team is there to stream live and put on a full professional broadcast.

Junior and former field hockey player, Elissa Presslein, said, “I love that LHSN provides live broadcasts and videos of games. When I was playing sports, it made it easier for my family to watch me when they were unable to physically attend my games.”

McLeod concluded, “I am so grateful to be here and work for Lynchburg Athletics. I get to live out my passion every single day and work in an environment that allows me to grow creatively. Everyone has a gift and a talent. I want my work to be a testament for others to chase their dreams and trust their journey. I am so thankful to Joe Hutzler and Jon Waters for trusting in my potential and believing in my work ethic. Their innovations for the athletics department is inspiring and the work they have built together is what has enhanced the fan experience; I am just blessed I fit their vision.”