Pick a Bone: UofL Sports Show


Julie Short ~ Guest Writer

University of Lynchburg communications students Jeremy “Jae” Block, Justin “Bones” Jones, Anthony “Mac” McAvoy, and Maxted Bourne released the first episode of their sports show, “Pick a Bone (with Bones and the Boys),” on Jan. 27, 2019.

The show is filmed in Schewel Hall’s television studio and has new episodes released every Tuesday and Friday.

Block said, “I am part of a sportscasting show where I break down professional sports contracts, deals, negotiations, trades, retirements, draft picks, anything that ESPN would talk about.”

Freshman Andrew “AJ” Gray said that he likes “Pick a Bone” because, “It is short. It gets to the point. They do not go down into every college sport. They only do the big things that everybody is going to watch. I would recommend it to people who do not know a lot about sports yet.”

Professor William Noel, who has taught each of the students involved, also supports the show. He said, “We really need that kind of energy here in this program. They are always well prepared. The show that these guys are putting on right now is just head and shoulders above what they were doing in my classroom because they have really taken it to a more professional level.”

When Jones met McAvoy and Block in COMM 180 Stage and Studio TV class, they discussed possible areas of collaboration. He said that it is about having fun, and that they “just wanted to start it, play around with it, and see what would come about.”

To promote the show, “Pick a Bone” merchandise may be released in the near future. Block said, “We want to be doing T-shirts, we want to eventually have an app if it works out. But you need the support behind it to make any of those kind of moves.”

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