Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

Having time for yourself is something you should ALWAYS have. Even if you have a boyfriend, fiancé, or are married, you still need time for yourself, girlfriend; trust me on that, I know. There are many times you need your “me time” and here are some times that you need it.

  1.     When you are stressed. Being stressed can really make you overwhelmed and emotional. Sometimes, this leads to wanting time to go and binge-watch a Netflix series while eating your favorite snack, and that is okay. Having that “me” time away from all of the things that are stressing you out is a good thing, because it keeps you from thinking about all of the things that are really stressing you.
  2.     When you are tired. I know after a long day of classes and work in the same day, I am so tired. On days like this, I go straight home to take a shower, get in my comfy pajamas, and snuggle up with my dog in bed and watch my favorite Netflix show. Sometimes, I just go to sleep because I am THAT tired. You have to have time to relax and who would not love cuddling with their dog? I know I love snuggling up with my little dog and watching my favorite show when I am tired.
  3.     When you need a break from school work. Schoolwork can become very overwhelming, especially during crunch time during the spring semester. Yes, the spring semester goes by a lot quicker, and I mean A LOT QUICKER, but the schoolwork comes at you like a big stack of paperwork piled all the way to the ceiling that you have to get done in a day. That stresses you out, right? This is when you need your “me” time. Go get some ice cream or something sweet for your “me” time and get to work after that. In high school, chocolate ice cream definitely helped me chill out and study. For some reason, it really did help me and I remembered my notes that I studied. Maybe the chocolate stimulated my brain, but I definitely recommend ice cream during homework or studying.
  4.     When you need time alone, away from your significant other. Now, we all know we love our significant others, but sometimes we really need that “me” time away from them. I am not talking about taking a break, heck no. I am saying an hour or two away from them during the day because we do not want to breathe down each other’s necks 24/7. While your significant other is away at class or work and you are at home, watch your favorite Netflix series that they may not like to watch with you and drink your favorite soda. Maybe even get some homework done while they are not there too. Having this time away also helps you focus on things that you have to get done because sometimes, your significant other can cause a distraction for you.
  5.     When you need time away from your friends. We really do love our friends, but like our significant other, they can be distracting. Be nice about it and say you have chores or homework that you have to get done before you hang out with them and they will understand. If they get angry about that, then that is on them and you did nothing wrong. You have your priorities and they have theirs. You need your “me” time to do the things that you need to get done and they should understand because I guarantee you they need the same thing as well sometimes; you just do not even know.

I hope some of you can relate with what I am talking about and make sure that you take time for yourself to have your “me” time because it is very important physically and mentally.

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