College Life: Having a Big Heart

Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

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Having a big heart can sometimes be a good thing and a bad thing. Having a big heart for almost everything, whether it is a person in need of advice or a dog that I want to rescue, can sometimes leave me with a lot of pain. I do wish sometimes things were a bit easier for me. I am very kind and compassionate person. At the same time, sometimes I get hurt very easily and it really sucks. Sometimes the people you think that are there for you, really are just using you. Here are a few things why having a big heart can cause pain.

1      I feel my emotions very deeply. Emotions magnify though me and it can be really difficult, but there is no other way it can be. I feel the pain and sadness for myself and others so much that sometimes it feels like physical pain. I love that I care but it can be very exhausting.

2      I want to help everyone. Sometimes I feel that I need to help everyone that needs the help. I cannot help but feel guilty every time I cannot give someone money, time, or effort. I would love to take care of everything and I just cannot do that. I am only one person and I cannot do everything. I go through my mind thinking I wish I could help every homeless person or every animal in the animal shelter that I can because it breaks my heart.

3      I get overwhelmed easily. I will be the first one to admit it, I get overwhelmed so easily that it causes me a lot of stress. I want to lie in bed sometimes and hide away from it all because it feels like too much for me to tackle. I have to have some time for self-care just to keep me from losing my mind or going crazy. I need to take a deep breathe and take things one step at a time. If I do not do this, I will not end up dealing with anything at all.

4      I am very sensitive. I know I hide it very well with my face, but I get hurt very easily. I care about others and I get upset if they do not care about me. I get offended and take things too personally sometimes. I hate that everyone is not as kind and accepting as I strive to be throughout all of my days.

5      I fall way too hard. In my romantic life, I fall way too easily for people. I try to remain very cautious and slow, but when I really like someone, I have a hard time holding back. It takes me a long time to meet anyone I feel that accepts me for who I am. When I do, I get really excited and catch feelings very quickly for that person, but in the end, it usually never works out in my favor.

6      I care way too much about other people’s opinions. I try not to care about what others think, but in reality, I do anyways. I think I am a pretty likable person and I try to get along with everyone, so when someone does not like me, it kind of startles me. I really should not worry about it because life is too short and people are always trying to stir up things. Not everyone will like me and that is a guarantee because I know a few who do not. I am just very sensitive that I cannot help but think about other people’s opinions.

7      I want to make everyone happy. This is very impossible, but I really do try. I would like to make people smile as much as I can, because who wants to see someone looking sad or angry? I do not. I know that I cannot control other people’s emotions, but at the same time it drives me crazy. I want people to feel as if they are loved and cared for, but sometimes I cannot control that.

8      I worry A LOT. I am naturally worried about everything. I have a lot of anxious energy and sometimes that makes me worry about a lot of things. I am trying to train myself to be more positive in my life, instead of sitting around worrying about things.

If you have any of these problems, that you know I feel. Having a big heart can be good, but it can also leave you with sometimes of these negative habits. Try to be positive and know you are doing the best you can.

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