Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

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Last month, according to the University of Lynchburg website, “Furniture from The Brill Company’s Pulse line has been selected for the University of Lynchburg’s new residence hall.”

Terry Bodine, housing coordinator, said, “Over the course of the fall semester, staff from the Business Office and the Office of Housing and Residence Life met with representatives from a variety of furniture vendors. Based on these presentations, we identified two vendors whose products we liked the most and had those vendors bring room furniture to campus for students, Physical Plant staff, and designers from the building project to see in person. We collected feedback from all those who interacted with the furniture and selected the Pulse line based on the input we received.”

Kristen Cooper, director of Housing and Residence Life, added, “The Brill Company’s Pulse line was selected due to the modern look and the flexibility it will afford students. The Brill Company was on campus in the fall and students really indicated this specific line had a ‘wow factor.’ Of the students that were able to view the furniture, 96% of them indicated they liked the “overall appearance” of the Pulse furniture.”

According to Bodine the university considered furniture options in terms of flexibility, durability, and style were three important factors.  She said, “the Pulse line provided all three!”

For flexibility, Bodine explained, “The furniture is designed to be user-friendly with regard to moving and assembling — so, if students want to rearrange the furniture or adjust the bed height, that is easily done. One piece we particularly love is the desk. The desktop extends, providing a larger work surface if desired, and it also bends, to create an angled or L-shaped workspace. The bed is loftable at various heights, and the wardrobes will provide more room configuration options than a built-in closet.”

Cooper agreed, saying, “Students were specifically drawn to the flexibility that the desk provides. One of our goals as we have designed the new residence hall has to been to ensure there is flexibility throughout the entire building, including furniture selections. 100% of the students that evaluated the Pulse line indicated that the furniture is easy to move and includes flexibility.”

“The furniture also seems very durable. We paid particular attention to the construction methods used for several common stress points, including the bottoms and backs of drawers, and we believe this line will hold up really well,” said Bodine.

In regards to style, Bodine said, “The light finish selected for the wood will keep the rooms bright, and will also complement the finishes selected for flooring and paint. The bed comes with a cool safety rail that will be embossed with the school logo and the desk chairs are modern, comfortable, and mobile.”

As to when the new residence hall will be completed, Bodine replied, “The University of Lynchburg has provided the contractors with August 19, 2019, as the date we will need to occupy the building. We anticipate that the building will be completed on schedule. As with any construction project, there are a lot of variables; however, we are working very closely with the general contractor and the architect to ensure the residence hall is ready for student move in.”

Cooper added, “The Office of Housing and Residence Life is excited for this preeminent community, including the overall design, community spaces, and amenities. The building will feature a great deal of indoor and outdoor learning and gathering spaces. It will also feature a great deal of natural light, windows, and amazing views. Throughout the design and build process, we have worked to ensure that students living, learning, and gathering in the space will thrive for generations of students to come. When the building opens in August 2019, it will be home to a majority of second year students and will house the Westover Honors College, the Westover Honors Residential Learning Community, and the Spirituality, Wellness, and Mindfulness Residential Learning Community.”

As for the name of the new residence hall, Cooper said, “There has not been a decision on the naming of the new residence hall. We can communicate that the building, which sits on a North-South slant, will be broken up into floors identified by North or South. For instance, the Westover Honors College office suite and classrooms will be housed on 1st floor South of the building, while the 1st floor residence hall rooms will be identified as the 1st floor North community. Depending on the floor, a lounge, kitchen, or terrance will divide the two sides of the building.”