Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

When I visited U of L as a high school senior, my tour guide told me that I would get sick at least once during first semester. I did not want to believe her, but by September her prediction had come true for me. People will tell you a lot of things that will happen to you in college, and I am about to be one of those people. Believe it or not, the following things have likely happened to you or will happen to you before you graduate.

1.You will purchase shower shoes.

  1. You will have at least one breakdown in the middle of every semester. Some people fall prey to these before or after that seven week mark. Perhaps you may even burst into tears on a biweekly basis. For your sake, I hope that is not the case; but, if it is, I am not judging you.
  2. You will go to Cookout at an odd time of night.
  3. You will spend a large amount of money on textbooks.
  4. You will get homesick – maybe not even for your actual home, but just for a past season of life.
  5. You will get in a scuffle with your roommate.
  6. You will lose sleep due to homework.
  7. You will have at least one long phone call with your mom, significant other, etc. while walking around the dell.
  8. You will feel like a dummy when you cannot get the library printer to work. If you are a freshman, you will probably feel like a dummy on many occasions.
  9. You will have to do presentations in front of a lot of people.
  10. You will finally give into buying Spotify premium or another similar music streaming service.
  11. You will worry about finding a job, either for the summer or after graduation.
  12. Something will happen back home, whether good or bad, and you will wish you were there for it.
  13. You will make a LinkedIn profile.
  14. You will fall in, or out of, love with someone/something.
  15. You will think you are a genius one day only to feel like a dummy the next. See #9.
  16. You will have to take a class you do not want to take.
  17. You will get a bad grade. You might even fail something (unthinkable, I know).
  18. You will reminisce on the days of youth when you did not have to pay for laundry.

20.You will miss all of it when it is over.

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