Peter Lynch ~ Guest Writer

I was at my brother’s wedding and while I should have been celebrating, I was reminiscing about Lynchburg with one of the guests.  My sister-in-law would take trips as a young girl to Lynchburg College to visit her aunt. While my brother’s wife didn’t remember much, her aunt certainly poured forth with fond memories of Lynchburg, and we were in our own Hornet world for a time.

This is fairly common with fellow alums. “Where did you live? What did you guys do off campus? What jokes was Cooper telling? Which professors did you have?” The conversation naturally unfolds like you’re with a family member at a reunion, because in many ways you are.

Lynchburg is a small community and a surprising one. As a member of the Alumni Board, I have had the privilege to meet countless fascinating alumni of all ages and walks of life. I am always impressed and intrigued by the various people that graduated from Lynchburg. You should learn as much as you can from these people and connect with them long after your time on campus is finished.

This Friday, the Alumni Board will host seniors for a networking event as they begin their journey into the alumni family in a few months.  We welcome any and all seniors to join us. We look forward to connecting with you and getting to know you. Don’t be shy; begin the process of getting to know your alumni community now.

For all Lynchburg students, and seniors particularly, know that when you leave this school there will be welcoming friends in cities across the country for you to meet and connect with as well. Lynchburg Alumni networks are being established in several cities including Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia, Richmond, Charlotte, Washington, D.C., and of course Lynchburg.  Lean on these groups, ask of them, hang out with them, and join their communities. They are reflections of the larger community that is Hornet Nation. If you don’t see your next home listed, start a network in your new home.

There is an intimacy and richness of connection in the Lynchburg world.  Maybe this is because of our size–those that have been touched by the college feel a more direct connection–but whatever the reason, a thriving family of alumni is beyond the gates of the school.  You are Hornet born, you are Hornet bred, and when you die you will be Hornet dead, but before that last step, do make sure to rally around the people that share the great memories of this institution. It is worthwhile and we look forward to meeting you.


-Peter Lynch, 2009, member of the Lynchburg Alumni Board