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Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

On April 5,  Steppers in Motion will host a spring showcase in the Hall Campus Ballroom and they will be a featured act at the Employee Appreciation Party on April 19.

“Steppers in Motion is an organization that offers students an opportunity to explore a type of dance and rhythms by making beats with your hands and feets,” said Kameron Morris, president of Steppers in Motion.

“I have been a part of Steppers in Motion for two years. I enjoy it because I have always wanted to step but did not have a step team at my [high] school, and being offered that opportunity at Lynchburg, I was able to adjust to college faster and meet great people,” said Sasha Terry, vice president of Steppers in Motion.

Morris added, “Some say it is a way to meet new people, relieve stress, and help individuals step out of their comfort zones.”

The organization has been offered at UofL for the past 10 years, but new students are always welcomed to join it, even if they do not have experience with stepping.

“We had a lot of steppers graduate last year, so our team is starting smaller this year at four people, but I hope that those who are interested will want to be a part of this experience of stepping,” explained Terry.

“We are open to anyone on campus. You do not have to try out. Just come and participate,” said Morris.

Terry added, “We often get asked the question ‘do I have to try out?’, and the answer is no. We want people of all kinds to be a part of such a fun experience. Even if they feel like they don’t have any rhythm, we can personally work with them to make sure that they get the steps down.”

Steppers in Motion members are planning to hold an interest meeting on Feb. 27, 2019. If people who are interested cannot attend it, but would still like to get involved with Steppers in Motion, they can contact Morris ( or anyone who is already part of the step team. Also, Terry said people who are interested are invited to come to a practice, as Steppers in Motion members are about to start preparing for the spring showcase.

“We will begin practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m.,” said Terry.

Terry said, “We want to bring in a lot of new steps this year. We have great steps that we’ve used in the past, but we want to try different moves and see how creative we can be.”