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Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

Spring feels like it’s desperately trying to be sprung. The warm weather has been teasing us. It has been 60-70 degrees certain days and it has been wonderful.  Are you as excited as I am that the the groundhog did not see his shadow? If we adhere to legend, this means we will have an early spring, yay! Here are some of the reasons I am looking forward to the spring and summer.

  1.     Warm weather. I absolutely love the warm weather. I despise the cold weather because it affects the  early arthritis in my knees and fingers.
  2.     I can wear warm weather clothing. I absolutely love to wear my athletic shorts in the warmer weather and my cute summer clothes. My closet has more summer clothes than winter clothes. 3.     Walk my dog. I love taking walks with my dog. Both him and I can get some energy and exercise by doing this in the warm weather. I used to hate to take my little one out into the cold to go potty. I love taking him out for evening walks and get him some fresh air.
  3.     Go to the beach. My FAVORITE place in the whole wide world. If I could live at the beach right now, I would but first I must get done with college first before I can do that. Go for a day trip with the girls or just go for a week to the beach to have some “you” time.
  4.     Go tanning. I love tanning and getting some sun. If the sun is out, do not go to the tanning bed. Get a towel, some tanning lotion, and lie down in the sun for a couple hours to get your tan on.
  5.     Play softball. I have been playing this sport for years now, and I look forward to playing in the spring because it is not so cold like in the fall and not so hot as it is in the summertime. I also just love helping the little girls who play softball as well in the spring to get them motivated to keep playing.
  6.     Go shopping. Shopping is always a favorite of mine. I love to go clothes shopping, because it is obviously new things for me to wear. I need to do some shopping and get me some new spring and summer clothes badly. I would love to just take a day and go to Richmond one weekend and just shop till I drop.
  7.     Go hiking. Who does not love a good hiking trip during the spring? Go out with your lover or your friends and take a nice hiking trip when it is good weather.
  8.     Go swimming. I love swimming in the pool or the ocean. Go swimming on a nice, warm day with friends and have some time to relax, away from all of the school work.
  9.  Go volunteer. Volunteer at your local shelter or in the community on a warm day. It is great to talk to people in the community, while doing service to give back to the community.
  10.  Plan a picnic. Do a picnic on the dell at school. A lot of people love to do this during the spring, when it is warmer and people can enjoy the weather outside, instead of it being bitterly cold.
  11.  Go on a sailboat ride in the sunset. Go to lake or the beach one weekend and have a nice sail boat ride in the sunset. These are good to go on with a special date or you can just go with friends.
  12.  Go get ice cream. Go get some ice cream from MayLynn’s Creamery in Downtown Lynchburg. They have amazing ice cream and I know you will enjoy it.
  13.  Go fishing. If you are from the south, you better love to go fishing. Me and my fiancé love to go fishing together. We love to go on the weekends when it is warmer and go to his friend’s bond to fish.
  14.  Go paddle boarding. Go paddle boarding at the beach or the lake one weekend!
  15.  Go go-kart racing. Go-kart racing is another one of my favorite things to do when it is warmer. My fiancé and I love to go go-kart racing at Swaders in Colonial Heights, VA.
  16.  Go to an amusement park. Go to Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens one weekend. I am sure you will have fun and lots of screaming!
  17.  Pick flowers. Go pick flowers from a local farm or garden and decorate your dorm room or apartment with fresh flowers.
  18.  Wear shoes other than boots (thank gosh). You know, I like wearing boots in the winter, but when the spring hits, they have got to do. I love my flip flops and I cannot wait to be able to finally wear them.
  19.  Smell the fresh cut grass. I know this sounds weird, but I love the smell of fresh cut crash in the spring. Everyone loves to cut their grass on a nice, sunny day. Living in the south, everyone loved to cut their grass on a nice day. I loved riding with the windows down smelling the fresh cut grass.

Hope you enjoy my things to do in the spring list!