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Caitlin Dorsch ~ Copy Desk Chief

The UofL Women’s basketball team defeated Eastern Mennonite University on Saturday, Feb. 09 by a score of 68 to 61.  This marks their second straight win, and the thirteenth win in total this season. Moreover, this win was the team’s eleventh Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) win of the season. Since reaching the end of the regular season, the Lady Hornets have just two more ODAC matches to play until the ODAC tournament begins.  As a result of this win, the Lady Hornets have been granted a coveted spot in the tournament.

First-year forward, Erin Green, noted that this team has an altered mindset this new year when she remarks, “I think, in this new year, we have really been able to find our identity and work really well together to find out what that is.  Against [Eastern Mennonite University], I think when we were down, we were able to play Lynchburg basketball and get back to what we’re used to and how we know to play. I think that we worked really well in our post game and points on the inside, as well as knowing when to pass the ball out to shoot from the outside.”

This newfound mindset is evident throughout the entirety of the team.  Like Green, junior team manager, Christian Lohiser, recognizes the increased focus and chemistry the players have with one another.  She said, “What made the difference this time and why we won this time definitely has to be the focus on details when the girls play. Coach recently has been talking about having grit, working against adversity, focusing on executing our plays and not going individual. I believe anyone could see that in the game yesterday. We executed amazingly and we didn’t go individual. When we were down by 10, we fought our way back instead of checking out for the rest of the game. If that isn’t grit, will, trust, and perseverance, I don’t know what is.”

Lohiser insisted that “all of the ladies that played contributed to our points and ultimately our win. We have done a lot better staying out of our heads, or when we get in our heads, helping each other snap back to the game. I really think it showed recently in the Emory and Henry College game last week. We went into overtime against Emory and Henry College. We fought to the absolute last seconds in overtime with one of their girls making a buzzer beater.”


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