Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

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SPARKS Digital Media Art Lab at Riverviews Artspace will be hosting InDesign Basic classes with Erik Custer starting Saturday, January 19 through Saturday, February 9, 2019.

This is Custer’s first event at Riverviews Artspace. The SPARKS Media lab was opened in 2018 and has hosted many other events.

Custer said, “I have been working in the print production environment for 19 years. I started my career as a digital painter for a textiles company. I currently work in the prepress department for a local print company. I have been a member of the Riverviews Co Op Gallery since January 2018 and was featured in Lynchburg Living in September 2018.”

According to the Downtown Lynchburg website, “During InDesign Basics, you will gain experience creating a variety of printed materials, such as posters, brochures, and your own book. Each class will provide you with a basic overview of InDesign tools and basic design skills that can be used in projects and how it integrates with other software and print processes.”

Custer said, “I have two goals I wish to achieve with this event. My first and main goal is to help anyone who uses InDesign, or wants to learn to use InDesign feel more comfortable with the software. The Adobe Suite is very in depth and can be quite intimidating. On top of that, doing things that will be printed can be its own challenge compared to things that are being made for digital display. So, while this will be an introduction, my goal is to get students comfortable with the software and know what to consider when creating a piece that will be printed, whether commercially or at home. My second goal is a personal one. I want to push myself into new things and this is something I’ve never done before in a formal setting. So, I hope to learn a lot from this experience myself.”

Custer added, “This event means a lot to me. As I said, my goal is to challenge myself and push myself into new avenues of personal growth. I also believe in helping the community and hope to carry this forward in the future to help people who may not have access to learn this software, or other Adobe products that I am familiar with.”

According to the Riverviews Artspace there are four lessons taught throughout the dates of January 19-February 9, 2019. These lessons are from 10:00 A.M.- 1:00 P.M. “Individual lessons are $50.00 and discounted rates for all four classes are $175.00.”

Custer said, “There will be four sessions. Each one will focus on a specific aspect or project. The first session will be an introduction to the software and talking about key concepts. The second will be a design project focusing on creating a flyer or poster. The third session will be creating a brochure and covering different folding setups and how to make them work. The fourth and final session will discuss creating a book. My goal is to have everyone comfortable enough by the fourth session that the thought of creating a book is no big deal.”

For more information about this event visit http://riverviews.net/event/sparks-indesign-basics-erik-custer/ and book a lesson while they are avaliable.