Grace Cavanaugh ~ Staff Writer

Recently, I went to see Venom starring Tom Hardy with some friends. I am a sucker for superhero movies, and so far the only Marvel movie I have not seen is Ant Man and the Wasp because I worked all summer and only had Saturdays free.

Anyway, a little while back, in ye olde Wattpad days, I discovered the delightful superhero book genre. Up until this point, I had thought that these wonderful people with special abilities only existed in movies, TV shows, and comic books.

I found this one writer and her series of books that were excellent. On Wattpad, it was called the Moriston Superheroes series by Danielle Banas. I was a little spoiled with this series, because of how well it was written, and was super excited when, after the main trilogy was finished on Wattpad, she got the publishing deal she deserved. I am now the proud owner of a copy of The Supervillain and Me, which I would recommend to anyone who likes YA and superheroes.

There was also an LGBT+ superhero book I read a while back, in high school, called Hero by Perry Moore. The main character has to struggle with newfound powers while also dealing with his attraction to men and debating on whether or not to come out to his father. It was an excellent book, from what I remember.

I finally acquired a copy of Marissa Meyer’s Renegades. While this book was published exactly a year ago, I was not able to get my hands on it until a few days ago, to which I devoured half the book in a few hours. I am not yet done, but I already have plans to buy the sequel when I do finish it.

So far, Renegades is excellent. There is a lot of diversity, interesting powers and characters, and a plotline that, while a little obvious in some parts, is still setting me on the edge of my seat.

I have a lot of hope for Meyer’s book, but with all these good stories must come the bad. There were plenty of stories I started on Wattpad that simply became too convoluted to continue, or fell into boring tropes of the superhero genre without a unique twist. Plenty of times I started reading a story before thinking, No, I do not like this, and deleting the book from my library.

What I am trying to say is that with the good comes the bad, but in the case of these YA superhero fiction novels, the good is really good, and the bad has only been published on Wattpad anyway.