Katherine Daniel ~ Editor in Chief

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The Annual Christmas Open House for Millstone Mercantile will be held on November 16-17, in Madison Heights, VA.

According the New in Lynchburg Website, “Come get in the mood for the Most Wonderful Time of The Year…music, food and the best shopping around.”

Robin Harrison, owner of Millstone Mercantile, said, “I have been doing a Christmas Open House for nine years.”

Harrison believes that the Annual Christmas Open House brings the community together. Harrison said, “I have sent out over five hundred invitations to this once a year event. We will have probably four hundred plus customers through next weekend. Friends meet there, friendships are formed there and fun is had by all. You never leave without meeting someone new.”

Harrison added, “My shop believes in Made in America; therefore, I support handmade vendors. I do about twelve juried antique shows a year and I shop at each one gathering goods just for the Open House. I know who makes the candles, ornaments, the snowmen and all the other goods we put out. I have very little made in China.”

There will be food provided at the Annual Christmas Open House. Harrison said, “We provide all the food. This year, our menu includes pulled pork BBQ, slaw, handmade sweets galore, cheese balls, crackers, punch, cider, and a lot of other goodies.”

Harrison’s Millstone Mercantile will not have other vendors at her open house. She said, “There are no other vendors in the shop with me. I fly solo.”

Harrison added, “Christmas has always been the time of year when people gather and laugh, reminisce and remember. I love to hear the stories of customers that say, “My grandmother had one just like that”, or “I remember using that as a little girl.” I have given them that place; from a log cabin to a simple farmhouse. It is a special feeling knowing your customers have found “the perfect” something for themselves or a gift and a feeling of love and friendship that they support me, and this is my way of giving back.”

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