Caroline Wilkerson, Copy Editor~

On Wednesday, November 7, 2018,  the University of Lynchburg will be holding Grand Chapter in the Hall Campus Ballroom.

Mackenzie Moyer, a senior at the University of Lynchburg and also a member of Kappa Delta, has helped coordinate the event this year alongside Lindsay Styne.

Moyer stated, “Chapter is a time where organizations come together to talk about the business side of their organizations; such as which events are going on, when financial obligations are due, etc. Chapter primarily happens once a week and is a time for everyone to become informed about things happening within the organization itself.”

She also noted that, “Grand Chapter is a time where all members of Greek life are required to attend an event together to talk about various subjects that pertain to our community. Last year, a speaker came in and discussed social media presence and how to protect ourselves from the internet world, as well as how to present ourselves on social media as adults entering into the “real world.”

Abbie Defino, a junior at the university and a member of Kappa Delta, added, “It is a really awesome time getting to be together with all of the different organizations. It is not often that we get to interact with the other Greek life on campus, so I always enjoy when we do get to.”

Katelyn Shull, a sophomore and member of Kappa Delta, said, “I am very excited for Grand Chapter this year…especially since it is going to be my first time.”

Moyer continued, “This year Grand Chapter will be hosted by Evan Wecksell, a comedian that has been featured on many television platforms. He will be doing his comedy bit for the first half of his performance, following up with a talk about how to use Greek life to its advantage post college, and how it is beneficial within the workforce.”

This year, many different sororities and fraternities will be in attendance. According to Moyer, four Panhellenic Sororities (Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Chi Omega, Sigma Sigma Sigma and Kappa Delta), four Interfraternity Council fraternities (Phi Mu Delta, which is still a colony, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Tau and Sigma Nu, Alpha Psi Lambda (Co-ed Latino fraternity), and Alpha Kappa Alpha (African American women’s sorority) will all be at the even this Wednesday.

Although Grand Chapter is centered around Greek Life, Moyer wanted to make sure to emphasize that, “We are starting to use this as a platform to invite anyone to attend Grand Chapter. We believe anyone who is interested in Greek life or is interested in the topic being discussed should come as well!”



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