Katherine Daniel, Editor in Chief~


I have heard for several weeks now are the constant reminders to register to vote, update your voters address, and get your absentee ballot because the 2018 election is quickly approaching and it is coming faster than you know it.

With the deadline for voter registration upon us, I am hopeful that people have actually listened to what others are saying and have registered to vote. However, just because you are registered does not necessarily mean you are entirely sold on the idea of voting. Some people just do not bother to vote.  After all, people are always saying: “Why even bother?” or “What is the point?”

Let me tell you, there are plenty of reasons to vote in the election this November.

1. Voting is your right. We live in a country where dedicated people work hard to earn the right to vote for everyone. You should exercise that right. Back in the olden days, women and others were not allowed to vote. Only the wealthier people were allowed to vote. You have the right to vote now, so use the right at your advantage.

2. Your vote matters.  Despite what some people say, your vote does really make a difference. If you are not voting, you are giving up your right to decide how our country is run, which also means you are giving up your right to complain when the people you dislike are voted into office. So, no need to hear, “Well, I just do not like such and such in that position.” Well, too bad, you decided to not to vote and that is one vote that could have made a difference.

3. These issues affect you. Maybe you are one of those people that hates politics, especially in the current political climate. But we all have to admit: the government completely affects our lives because they decide how we respond to current political and social issues. I am not a very big politics person, so I understand where these people are coming from.

4. You get a cool sticker. This is honestly my favorite part. Every year when I was little, I always was so happy to get either my mom’s or grandma’s sticker from when they went to vote. I used to think they were so cool. I would always ask them, “Who did you vote for?” and they would both try to be secretive to me and say, “I cannot tell you that, honey.” If nothing else can convince you to vote, at least go so you can get the cool sticker that lets everyone know that you participated in the elections. Always make sure you are knowledgeable on the issues you are voting on before you go. Even if you have not even watched any politics or kept up with them, look at the candidates online and what their plans are and choose what best you believe will help the country or state.

If you are really worried about the future of our nation, the United States, being in the hands of someone that can harm it, vote. If you have strong support for a certain candidate, certain party, or certain issue, vote. If you would like to honor the many men and women who have died to protect and serve this country to secure and protect the many rights you have, vote. If you want to see changes happen and be a reason behind the change, vote. We live in a world full of what seems like endless distractions and things going on, but we must recognize that there are still people in the world today who do not have the fortune to live under a democracy or have the right to vote at all in other countries. We owe it to ourselves and our country to exercise our rights that we are very lucky to have.