25 Ways to Destress

Katherine Daniel, Editor in Chief~


It is now time in the school year where everything gets stressful. You might even have assignments due every single day of the week and wonder, ‘When might I ever get a break?’ Some of the past weeks have been very stressful on me and they are not slowing down either. I have much schoolwork, my job, and not to mention extracurricular activities. This semester has been testing my time management skills like no other. But every once in a while, the week’s tasks get to be a little too much for anybody and we all need something to get us through the week.

So, here are 25 things that can help you destress, give you a break, or give you something to look forward to doing over the weekend.

  1. Take a nap. Taking a nap is always a good way to destress yourself. After having four classes on my Mondays and Wednesdays, sometimes taking a nap really helps me release all of the stuff I have going on in my head and helps me destress.
  2. Spend some time coloring. I have always loved to color ever since I was a kid and I am also a Graphic Design minor here at the University of Lynchburg. The one class I enjoy a lot is Design Fundamentals I with Professor Pumphrey. During the week, we have assignments where we have sketches, and these sketches help me release my stress. I sometimes do these drawings in black and white or in color. Also, getting the Colorfly or Colorly app on an iPhone is a good way to relieve stress while coloring as well.
  3. Watch Netflix or Hulu or YouTube. After a long day of school, I love to just come lay on the couch and watch Netflix and eat a snack. Watching a favorite movie or show on Netflix helps me to destress a lot.
  4. Do some face masks. At the end of the day, you are probably worn out and feel like you need a facial. I love to do Black Mask Purifying peel-off Masks.
  5. Start a bullet journal. Maybe you have always dreamed of going somewhere out of the country or have a to do list you would like to start. Well, a bullet journal is a good way to start. Make bullets of things you want to do or places you would like to go to relieve some stress.
  6. Go to the gym. I do not know about you, but going to the gym and running on the treadmill or boxing helps me relieve stress.  
  7. Go bowling. Get a couple friends together and go out and bowl!
  8. Take a walk or run. Taking a walk with my dog helps get outside and seeing the nature helps me relieve stress.
  1. Visit a museum. Visit one the museums or check out an art gallery around Lynchburg.
  2. Blow bubbles. Go buy a container full of bubbles and go blow some bubbles with friends.
  3. Paint your nails. Paint your nails in your dorms or get a group of friends and go out and get a mani/pedi. They are always a good way to get out and have fun!
  4. Have a spa day. Treat yourself to day of relaxation at the spa to destress your brain.
  5. Go shopping. Go to the boutiques in downtown Lynchburg or go to the mall to shop. I absolutely love to go shopping and that is definitely a way that de-stresses me.  
  6. Hang out with friends. Hanging out with friends is always a good way to destress!
  7. Read a book. Go to the library or Barnes and Noble and get a new book to read every once in awhile, instead of reading a textbook.
  8. Play board games with friends. Play one of your favorite board games with your friends to destress yourself.
  9. Take pictures. Go out and take pictures of nature or go and take pictures with your friends.
  10. Paint a canvas. Painting a canvas is always very helpful for me when I am stressed out. Go to a Paint Party in Lynchburg or go to Michaels and buy a canvas. Maybe you can hang that canvas you painted up where you live or give it as a gift for Christmas.
  11. Dye your hair. Every now and then, it is time for a change of hair color or haircut.
  12. Listen to some music. Crank the music up in your room and sing your heart out!
  13. Go for a drive. Going for a drive and listening to music is always great.
  14. Eat some junk food. Eat some candy or ice cream!
  15. Call your mom and dad. Calling my mom is always a way for me to vent to her about my stressful days and it helps me destress when she gives me ideas of ways to help me.
  16. Go to a party. Go to a party on campus or have a get together at your house with friends to destress yourself.
  17. Pet some dogs and cats. Go out to the Lynchburg Humane Society and pet all the dogs and cats you wish to. It is one of my favorite places to go because I love animals. If you are more of a reptile fan, go to Pets and Aquatic Warehouse.
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