Caitlin Dorsch, Copy Desk Chief~

Sports Issue - Cheer Picture

The University of Lynchburg’s Cheer Team is gearing up for their season to begin.  

The cheer squad is preparing hard, and they are ready for their first performance in front of the student body this season. The cheerleaders are more together and more committed than they have ever been according to junior, Nursing major and Cheer Co-Captain, Abigail Herring.  

The team has worked really hard on creating a more authentic connection with each other in general.  Herring insisted, “We all bring something unique to the table! We have a great combination of good leadership, talent, and willingness to work hard which gives us the edge we need to be a strong cheerleading team.”

Everything the cheerleaders do is for the team, according to its co-captains. While juggling extracurricular clubs/activities and their schoolwork, the team focuses on putting their teammates above themselves.

Sophomore, Nursing major and Health Promotion minor, and Cheer Co-Captain Kerighan Farrell said, “This year’s team is like no other, each of us has the team’s best interest in mind which creates an inseparable bond between all of us.”  She explained that the creation of this bond is super important for the more advanced pieces of the team’s performance.

The team is very excited for their performance in Midnight Madness this upcoming December.  They are ready to help lead the student body and to cheer on the men’s basketball team. Herring said, “We are so ready for our first performance at Midnight Madness and to be representatives of our school spirit when basketball season starts!”  

They have been preparing constantly by lifting with Coach Smith, our strength and conditioning coach, and by practicing in both the Wake Fieldhouse and on Wayne Proffitt Court in the Turner Gymnasium.  

Farrell says that this year’s team is very focused on creating the best performance for the student body as well as helping to keep the men’s basketball team pumped up and “in-the-zone” during their games.  

Herring also said that the team has been inspired by the whole athletic department’s theme for this year, “Elevation.”  She contends that she has seen the team step-up this year and is excited to see how the student body reacts to their performance come December.