Midterm Depression

Katherine Daniel, Editor in Chief~


We are now two months into the semester, and I think we all know it is not going to get easier, even though we wish it would. The assignments, essays, homework, quizzes, exams, and laundry are all piling up. The 24 hours we get each day seem to be getting shorter and shorter. The bags under our eyes are getting darker.

Sometimes, it is very easy to feel like all of your professors are out to get you. This makes everything else seem like a chore, even if it is the daily task of putting on pants or calling your mom. It is easy to feel like you are continuously falling deeper and deeper into this dark place that you can not get out of.

I do not want to say, “It is going to be okay,” or, “You have got this,” because these familiar words are very true. But trust me, you will get through this semester just like you have gotten through every semester up until now. You will find a way to cram time to study for that exam, and you will get that essay in your senior seminar done, even if you submit at precisely 11:59 p.m.

As a college student, you have to step back and put everything into perspective. You are not the first college student to take 15 or more credit hours. You are not the first college student to have multiple exams and assignments in one week, where you are freaking out and having anxiety. Your professors know that you have a life and that you cannot spend 24 hours each day only studying for their particular class.

So many college students have come before you and felt like they would never survive midterms and that they would have to drop out. Those same college students that were in your footsteps, are most likely your professors, your parents, CEOs of huge companies, or the people running our country.

You have to remind yourself that your professors do not want you to fail. They genuinely want you to learn the material and do well in whatever career you choose. They spend hours behind the scenes preparing for class, making these assignments, making study guides, and grading all of your work. The reason they spend the hours behind the scenes is that they want you to succeed and want you to have your dream job once you graduate from college.

They had to study just as you are right now so that they could teach these classes to you. If you can start to see your professors as your partner in crime rather than the enemy, your entire attitude will change about how they view you.

You will want to go to class, you will feel better asking questions, and you will find the confidence in yourself to do well. You know what you need to do to succeed.


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