Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~


Football Sundays have returned and week one was nothing short of what every fan dreamed for. Almost every team played, and every team that did play performed to the level everyone expected. There was a little bit of everything, from upsets to comebacks, and the games that come down to the last second, NFL Sunday had it all.

        The action began last Thursday (09/06), when the current Super Bowl Champions defended their home field to a bitter rival. It was the Philadelphia Eagles facing the Atlanta Falcons, with the backup quarterback Nick Foles starting once again. Foles, of course, was the man during that Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots, bringing the Lombardi trophy back home to Philadelphia. However, in this game one matchup, it was the running
back Jay Ajayi who stepped up and led his team to a 18-12 win over Atlanta with
two rushing touchdowns.

        Sunday football began at 1 p.m. where one of the games featured the Cleveland Browns facing the Pittsburgh Steelers. In this game the Browns were defending their home field and hoping to kick off their new season with a victory over one of the AFC’s best teams. Pittsburgh had to do battle without their premier running back Le’veon Bell, but they were focused on showing the league they can still win without him. Unfortunately for the
Steelers their offense couldn’t keep a grip on the ball as they forked up six
turnovers to the Browns. The Steelers’ defense showed up by not allowing
the Browns’ offense to capitalize on every turnover. At the end, both teams
ended with an overtime draw. Although these AFC juggernauts couldn’t secure the
win, the reigning AFC champs were able to start their season off with a win, as
the New England Patriots started their season off 1-0 with a win over the
Houston Texans. Tom Brady, of course had himself a game posting up three
touchdowns and 270 yards.

        Later at 4:30 p.m., a Super Bowl XLVIII rematch was set to take place with the Denver Broncos doing action with the Seattle Seahawks. Case Keenum was the new quarterback that the Broncos signed this offseason, and he was eager to defend the Mile-High City against their bitter Super Bowl rivals. It was a close game between these two even teams, however in the end it was the Denver Broncos securing the win with a tight score of 27-24.

        Lastly the night ended with the Green Bay Packers facing their long-time rivals the Chicago Bears in Wisconsin. The Bears were out to prove a point on Sunday after signing the elite pass-rusher, Khalil Mack, just a few weeks ago. By halftime it looked like the Bears were going to do just that with an early 17-0 lead over the Packers. Aaron Rodgers was injured in the first half  and things were not looking good for Green Bay. Second half, things changed up as Rodgers surprisingly made his return to the field, Green Bay suddenly had a surge of energy. In the end, it was Rodgers leading his team with three touchdowns in the second half to the ultimate comeback over their arch-rivals.

        These are just a few of the games that took place on Sunday, and there are still two games to take place on Monday (09/10). Those games include the Los Angeles Rams and the Oakland Raiders, while the New York Jets look to take on the Detroit Lions. Needless to say, the 2018-19 NFL season looks to be a good one, as this last Sunday showed. The fans have something to be excited about again.