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Caroline Wilkerson, Copy Editor~

On Thursday, September 6, 2018, students of the University of Lynchburg will have the opportunity to showcase their clubs and organizations at this year’s Organization Fair.

Twice a year, the University of Lynchburg has an organization fair to allow students from all backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs to come together and to see the different ways that they can become involved on campus. The University of Lynchburg encourages all students to get involved in some way, for they believe that it can help their students explore new interests, develop new skills, enhance their academic program, and have a direct impact on the campus and surrounding Lynchburg community.

Debora Brown, the Coordinator for Student Engagement and Club/Organization Development, said that students who join clubs and organizations tend “…to be more successful in their academics…” as well as tend “…to be the students who commit to the university until graduation.” As a result of the student’s involvement in the school, the student feels a sense of comfort and belonging.

Illustration by Nicole Freewalt

There is a wide range of clubs and organizations at this year’s fair. Different groups include academic and departmental, social, music and performing arts, spiritual, service, sports, and clubs. From fraternities and sororities to language and art clubs, there is sure to be an organization that will spark your interest.

Kimberly Mendez, a junior at the University of Lynchburg and the treasurer of the Latino Student Association (LSA), gave a rundown on what the organization is about and what to expect if one was a member. “LSA is an organization that promotes diversity, specifically by celebrating and learning about the Hispanic/Latino culture.” One does not need to be Hispanic in order to join LSA, they just need to have an interest in the culture. “Many of LSA’s events are geared towards educating the students on campus, while still making the events fun and entertaining.” Some examples of these events include an “El Clasico” viewing, a salsa night, and other current events happening in Spanish culture. “Overall, it is a great way to meet different people, while experiencing a common connection,” Mendez said.

It is highly encouraged by students, faculty, and staff at the University of Lynchburg to get out and get involved on campus. The organization fair will be a great opportunity to see the different options provided on campus and hopefully have something that sparks your interest.

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