Alyssa Tkacik, Guest Writer~

Student life at Lynchburg College is driven by dedicated and enthusiastic members of the LC community. The efforts in improving the school community are often spearheaded by the leaders and volunteers of the Student Activities Board.

Events like Finals Blowouts and trips to Busch Gardens are planned and produced by the involved students, all of whom dedicate their time and energy while encouraging fellow students to become involved.

The declared mission of the SAB, as stated in its constitution, is to create programs “of a diverse social, educational, cultural and recreational nature to promote the universal well being of the student body.” Every development and production is created specifically to enhance the community of LC itself and relies on the combined efforts of the students and faculty.

SAB members Christian Lohiser, Kaecy Gibuad, Lindsay Stynes and Anna Crump. Photo taken by Alyssa Tkacik

There are two types of members within the organization: the general affiliates and the executive board. While executive board appointments are only awarded through nominations and applications, the Buzz Crew is a collection of volunteers who attend the SAB interest meetings. Volunteers do not need to join SAB in order to help out with the events.

SAB President Kaecy Gibaud recommends first year students to “Go to the organization… or grab your friends and go to a student activities event!”

It is very common for first year students to become overwhelmed with all of the new experiences and opportunities that college life has to offer, but just as common are those who wish to become more involved within the community.

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