Christa Walker, Guest Writer~

Lynchburg College has a very expansive School of Communication and the Arts. Majors and minors that are covered in this area include communication, music, museum studies (minor) and popular culture (minor).

Earlier this semester, administrators decided to merge the School of Communication and the Arts with the department of Social Sciences following the name change to the University of Lynchburg in the fall of 2018.

“Administration decided that we’re going to a University… and there were a lot of meetings, and after the meetings, it was really where communications fit best as a whole,” said Dr. James Roux, Associate Professor of Communication Studies.

This new change to the department will have no impact on the courses or credit hours of students who are currently involved in the major. Everything is the same with offices, classes and requirements for students who are currently enrolled in this program. The only thing that would go into effect is the meetings held by faculty.

“Your profs will still be your profs. Your COMMunity will still be your COMMunity,” stated Dr. Michael Robinson, chair and professor of the communication studies department.

Communication studies currently offers several different emphases, including public relations, social Influence, electronic media and convergent journalism.