Carter Elliott, Staff Columnist~

This past weekend, while many of us were sitting at home spending time with our family celebrating Easter, President Donald Trump was busy planning out more information on the border wall separating Mexico and the United States.

This past Tuesday, Trump announced that the U.S. will be sending troops to the Mexican border. Tens of thousands of troops will be sent to guard the border until a “proper” wall has been constructed along the southern border of the U.S.

This is once again another instance of the president spending much-needed money on frivolous things.

Our current border system is one that is strong and is not easily penetrable. However, despite all of the security measures, our president feels the need to direct a good portion of our budget to lining troops on the southern border.

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In other news, the White House hosted its annual Easter Egg Roll, where Trump saw fit to speak on a platform of military strength and economic prosperity – one very fitting for a child audience (note: sarcasm).

This man was praised by evangelicals across the nation and decided to focus on policy rather than celebrating his religion and the resurrection of the Lord. Trump has proven time and time again that he will consistently break the norms of society, and he certainly did so this week at the Easter Egg Roll. This news and his speech certainly do not come as a surprise.

Furthermore, when he was asked about the DACA deal, he stated that Democrats had failed and a compromise would not be reached. He continues to blame the Democrats for his own administration’s failures, as shown in the failure to reach an agreement on DACA and in the multiple government shutdowns that have taken place.

If we have learned anything from this past week, it is that Trump really does not care about the future of our children; he would rather focus on his own successes and insecurities.

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