Political Perspective: How Many More?

Carter Elliott, Staff Writer~

This weekend, I had the opportunity to watch the March for our Lives; while I was unable to attend in person, the coverage of the event was phenomenal.

These young student activists have proven to be truly hardworking and inspirational. They have witnessed such tragedy in their lives, and it is remarkable to watch them take a stand. However, while I believe that these students are inspiring, there are some who have been downright nasty and disrespectful toward their fellow countrymen.

Illustration by Genevieve Griffin

Extremists on Facebook have been circulating images of these students in Nazi uniforms and doctored images of them ripping the constitution, and it is absolutely disgraceful. Polarization of views and extremism in America has finally come to a point where even children aren’t safe from the mudslinging of extremists. While these people attempt to tear their effort down, the students aren’t wavering, and they shouldn’t. How many more lives should be lost because of our inability to produce “common sense” solutions? How much more time will pass before we can get America to finally agree on this major issue? How many more of the people that we know will be a victim of gun violence before we do something about it?

We aren’t the lawmakers; we can not change the legislation. However, we are the voters, and our voice and votes are the most powerful tools we have. For this reason, on April 20, the 19th anniversary of the horrific shooting at Columbine, the Lynchburg College Democrats will be hosting a march to remember those lives lost on that day and every other. We are taking a stand because we don’t ever want to ask the question again: How many more?

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