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On Tuesday, Jan. 30, congressional candidate Chaz Haywood visited Lynchburg College’s campus. The president of the Young Republicans club, senior political science major Logan Hancock, arranged the appearance.

Haywood served as an infantryman in the U.S. army where he earned a commendation medal. He graduated from James Madison University in 1997 at 28 years old, after paying his own way through school. Initially, Haywood was a history major but eventually switched to political science. He continued on to work with several politicians after graduating JMU, including former Governor George Allen and Congressman Bob Goodlatte – who will be making an appearance on campus Saturday, Feb. 10, in Dillard Theatre – before landing his current position as Rockingham County clerk of circuit court.

Congressional candidate Chaz Haywood. Photo retrieved from chazforcongress.com
Congressional candidate Chaz Haywood. Photo retrieved from chazforcongress.com

While speaking to LC students, Haywood emphasized the importance of consistency as a clerk, but also as a father and politician. He is running in the sixth district, a highly industrial but important district in the Commonwealth’s political schema.

According to Haywood, many of the governmental issues come from politicians and people being “stuck in this lack of communication.” He emphasized the importance of communicating effectively amongst elected officials as well as each other. As a veteran, Haywood has a unique perspective on the issue of national defense stating, “the best way to peace is strong national defense.”

Student engagement at the event was strong, as well as politically diverse. Hancock said of the event, “It was an honor to hear 6th district congressional candidate, Chaz Haywood, speak to the LC Republicans group.  It was a great educational experience for both parties to hear him speak, especially about how he wants to create bipartisan partnerships within Congress.”

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