Timmothy Maxwell, Guest Writer~

The idea of wellness among the students of the Lynchburg College Community has been growing and the concern about students’ well being has also increased.

Common wellness concerns for students are stress and anxiety, getting enough exercise and rest during their college tenure.

Ruth Robertson, head of the Lynchburg College health and counseling center, stated that on campus there are some options for students to be educated on how to make more healthy life choices. Some of them include “the campus health center, P.A.C.E (Peer Advocates for Campus Education) and the dining hall is making the initiative to have healthier options for students,” said Robertson. All of these resources are in place to educate students about healthy campus lifestyles.

Health and wellness
Illustration by Genevieve Griffin

The Drysdale Student Center is also another option and resource for students to improve their wellness. According to Steve Bradney, LC’s director of intramurals and recreational activities, “students can walk/run on a treadmill, ski on an elliptical, ride a stationary bike or do some weight training either with dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls or circuit train at the weight stack.”

Robertson noted, “students should try to exercise for 30 minutes at least four times a week.” If a student does not want to work on the equipment in the Drysdale fitness center, Bradney also stated that “students can check out workout DVDs or participate in an exercise class that is offered a couple of times a week for 30-60 minutes each session.”

Both Bradney and Robertson suggested that students can practice healthy lifestyles by participating in intramurals or club sports, going for a hike, and eating healthier by consuming fruits and vegetables. Robertson also said that it would help students to have a moderate alcohol intake, which should be no more than two drinks a day for students over 21.    

A balance of diet and exercise, as well as careful academic planning, will ensure that  LC students can have a healthier life and improve their wellness while attending college.

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