Carter Elliott, Staff Columnist~

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, the Commonwealth of Virginia spoke up, and they said that no longer will we tolerate what is occurring in Washington D.C. The entire Democratic ticket was elected on Tuesday night. Our next Governor will be Dr. Ralph Northam, a pediatric neurologist and Army veteran born and raised in Virginia. Justin Fairfax, a small business owner in Virginia will be our next lieutenant governor. Finally, Mark Herring, our current attorney general was reelected to the position.

Over the course of the past couple of months, several Lynchburg College students have been active members of this campaign. These students include Zach Herendeen, Rebecca Taylor, Tristan Fitzgerald and Marc Propst. These members of our collegiate institution put hundreds of volunteer hours into this campaign, and it has finally paid off. This election is something that the LC Democrats should be very proud of. Not only did we win big in the state elections, but we have flipped several delegate seats in the state that have been in control by the same party for a long time. Virginia was heard this Tuesday, and we are looking forward to the next four years under Governor Ralph Northam.

Lynchburg Coordinated Campaign field organizer Leah Garret with Ralph Northam and LC students Marc Propst, Carter Elliott, Tristen Fitzgerald, Rebecca Taylor, and Zach Herendeen. Photo courtesy of Carter Elliot. Photo taken on Oct 28.
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