Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~

For those of you who aren’t keeping up with the 2017 World Series, you’re missing out. This year’s MLB (Major League Baseball) postseason has already been full of excitement, as well as disappointment. But now the World Series has begun, and everything just got that much more serious.

Game one took place on Oct. 24, and ended with the Los Angeles Dodgers taking the lead in a 3-1 victory. The Houston Astros earned their spot in the World Series after a tough series with the New York Yankees, while the L.A. Dodgers eliminated the Chicago Cubs to take their spot. Now both teams are head-to-head on the grandest stage of them all.

Game two favored the Astros, as they defeated the Dodgers 7-6 in 11 innings. Clearly there was more scoring in the second game than there was in the first, which made for more excitement and drama as well. After game two, the series was tied 1-1 between the two teams.

Illustration by Genevieve Griffin

Friday, Oct. 27, again went to the Astros as they beat the Dodgers by two. However, the Dodgers bounced back the next day to even out the series at two a piece with a commanding victory over the Astros, 6-2 over the span of ten innings. With the series tied heading into Sunday’s bout, one team would take advantage in a crucial part of the series. That role was filled by the Houston Astros in an insane victory over L.A., beating them by only one run (13-12).

Now, the Dodgers will have to fight preserve their season, or watch it fall at the hands of the Astros, since they have a 3-2 lead in the series. Ladies and gentleman, a champion will be crowned one way or the other; the only question now is how soon?

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