Walker Allen, Guest Writer~

Nature is always calling, we just have to take the time to answer! I have been hiking for 14 years, and as a native of Lynchburg, Virginia I have done the majority of notable hikes in the area.

My most recent hiking adventure took place right off the Blue Ridge Parkway on a trail called Sulpher Springs. Sulpher Springs is an adjunct trail, meaning it is a branch trail that connects to a more prominent hike. The day I hiked Sulpher Springs I actually intended to do Devil’s Marble Yard, the more prominent trail in the area. However, due to the time of year, which is prime time for snakes, and because of my desire for adventure, I chose to do Sulpher Springs, a much easier and risk-free hike.

Received from alltrails.com

Sulpher Springs, on a scale of one to 10 with 10 being the most difficult, ranks at about a three. This is a perfect hike for beginners who are just starting out and want to experience nature at its finest. Sulpher Springs is only a three-mile hike with a beautiful 180 degree view at the top. It is an up-and-back hike, meaning you hike up a gradual incline during the first section until you reach the summit, then retrace your steps by walking back down the mountain.

I would highly recommend Sulpher Springs trail to any new outdoor enthusiasts looking to get more involved in nature.

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