Lynn Walsh, Multimedia Editor~

Sunday, April 2 marked Opening Day for Major League Baseball with three contests in action. Even though spring training had been underway for some time, the start of the official season means a lot of things, the obvious being the return of a baseball fan’s favorite sport. It also has a lot of other connotations like warm weather and fun nights spent with family and friends.

Baseball runs through some people’s blood. I remember some of my high school classmates would skip school on opening day as the thought of missing it was unfathomable.

It comes with a sense of community, as most sports do. I’ve heard stories of some fans who never miss a home game. That’s dedication.

This opening day, one player made history. San Francisco Giants’ Madison Bumgarner became the first pitcher to ever hit two home runs on opening day.

At the same time, he pitched a perfect game up until the sixth inning. A fan can also hope for what else this MLB season brings.

So baseball fans, your time is back! Endless baseball, until October, has arrived.

If you need a quick fix in Lynchburg, stop by Fox Field to cheer on the Hornets or make the short trip over to City Stadium to watch future hopeful major leaguers on the Hillcats.