Sports Junkie: Fan-Favorite Places

Lynn Walsh ~ Multimedia Editor

On Feb. 8, the new Hornet mascot of Lynchburg College was revealed.

The mascot is an amped-up version of its predecessor, Elsie. Don’t be worried though—Elsie is still alive and well; she just needs a bit of a break. The new Hornet is still nameless, but you can help solve that. You have a chance to be a part of history!

The Hornet will greet prospective students and cheer on its teams to championships. The new Hornet has already made a presence in the athletic world, cheering on the Men’s Lacrosse on Shelly and the Women’s Basketball team in Salem on the same day. Clearly it travels fast.

Even though the Hornet has been busy with the hectic Old Dominion Athletic Conference schedule, it represents the whole student body, so make sure you make your voice heard and vote!

With all the new mascot name hype, it got me thinking of other favorite or different mascot names. Check out a few of my favorite interesting mascots of college/professional sports:

  1. Philly Phanatic – This mascot is just crazy. He’s been sued the most out of any mascot because of his ridiculous antics.

He’s not afraid to flaunt his banging bod to intimidate the other team. He is really just an outrageous fan(atic).

  1. Washington Nationals Presidents – These guys are just funny. They make their appearance at every home game in the middle of the fourth inning.

Teddy Roosevelt has made quite a comeback in the leaderboard after not winning a race until 2012. How can you not love presidents with giant heads racing with no rules?

  1. Uga (University of Georgia Bulldogs) – And I’m not talking about the guy in the suit. They have an actual bulldog!

How can you not be obsessed with it? That dog is probably living the life getting pampered to sit on a throne at home games.

  1. Penn State Nittany Lion – This mascot has always intrigued me for the sole reason that the suit looks like it cost $50.

I’m sure it’s tradition, but I’ve never got why a school like Penn State doesn’t have a nice looking mascot suit. At least bulk it up a little bit.

  1. Jaxson the Jaguar – He hangs from cables suspended in the stadium.

How can you not be fascinated with this one? The name is also simple but clever, and he’s known for awesome fan participation.

But of course my favorite will always be the Hornet (no matter its name). Go ‘Burg!


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