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The new humane society has been catering to the “cat people” and “dog people” for a year and a half, but they decided to try something new this year. The Lynchburg Humane Society is holding Slobberstock on Oct. 1 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. This is the first time they will be holding an event like this at the Humane Society.

It will be an event for dogs, but there will also be cats at the humane society that you can play with or choose to adopt. There will be a Slobberstock dog Olympics, and in the back, there will be local bands that will perform onstage, as well as retro campers that will be parked on the lawn. There will also be venders selling things for humans, as well as your furry friends, and of course, there will be food.

Julie Barger, development director for the humane society, said that they welcome volunteers and that the volunteers will be helping with showing the dogs and selling soda, and if they are over 21, they will be selling beer tickets and pouring beer.

Barger said that people are more than welcome to bring blankets and chairs to the event so that they can enjoy the music.

Senior Travis Bullard and junior Kirsten Copley said they both think the idea of having local bands will bring in younger crowds and is a cool idea. Bullard went on to state that he liked that they had beer for those who are over 21, while Copley said she liked the fact there would be puppies.

During the event the dogs and puppies that are available for adoption are going to have “adopt me” vests on and will be seen walking around, Barger stated. Along with meeting the dogs that are walking around outside, you are welcome to go inside and play with even more dogs and cats.

The Humane Society is used to interact with dogs and make a difference for the animals in the community, many groups on campus opt to use it as a volunteering activity for this reason. There are also links on the Humane Society’s website to sign up to be a volunteer and help out with the dogs on a daily basis or upon availability.

Tickets to Slobberstock cost $20 for those who are over 21; the entrance price includes beer tickets. For those who are under 21, the price is only $5, Barger stated.

All of the revenue from the event will go towards the humane society. It will be used for everything from paying for the animals to keeping the lights on, Barger said. There will be limited parking in the humane society’s parking lot, but there will be additional parking across the road, where you can easily walk. There will also be a shuttle to transport people.

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