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The new Dean of Students has arrived on campus. Hayward Guenard said that he and his wife Jamie are excited to be back at Lynchburg College with their son Hamilton for this new journey.

Guenard was a Hornet before applying for the dean of students position last year after John Eccles decided to retire. He began to work at LC in 1994. He held a few positions while on campus, as director of activities and leadership programs, assistant dean of students, director of student activities and associate dean of students. It was actually right around the time that LC was planning to build the townhouses. It was then that he was offered a job at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) as the Director of Housing.

He chose to relocate not because of LC’s campus or people, but because he was “recruited to build a 56 million dollar apartment complex” at IUPUI. He was on LC’s campus for nine years before accepting this job.

Guenard wanted the “opportunity to work at a large public institution,” and IUPUI is a school of about 33,000 students.

It was in 2005 when Guenard reunited with LC. His hometown was one of the areas that the eye of Hurricane Katrina hit, and it was then that the LC staff reached out to him. The faculty knew he was from the area and together they planned two relief trips in conjunction. This experience reiterated the “family feel” for Guenard. It reaffirmed his “values and appreciates” about LC, and was a contributing factor to why the Guenards decided to relocate back to Lynchburg.

“One of the things I loved about Lynchburg College is the ‘family feel.’ The encouragement, the support we give to one another and the community, whether you’re a student, a faculty member, a staff member, it’s a very special environment,” said Guenard.

It was in 2011 when Guenard and his wife began considering a relocation. After his wife worked at Tulane University and then Nicholls State University with Guenard in Louisanna, the couple was still looking for a school like LC. Fast forward to 2015, Guenard heard that John Eccles was retiring and decided to apply for the position.

“After so many years of trying to find a place like Lynchburg College, we ended up having to come back to Lynchburg to find a place like Lynchburg. We’re excited to be back, and it’s been a great transition so far,” said Guenard.

There are a few projects Guenard said he is excited to work on firmly believes that there is always more LC can be doing to make everyone feel included.

He has been working with the staff in the multicultural center to “engage the campus in conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Guenard stated that he is most passionate about starting to engage with students. He had the opportunity to attend the John Eccles Leadership Summit and some other trainings over the summer, but campus has really just started to fill up in the last week. He even has a strategic leadership plan to work toward engaging second-year students in meaningful, co-curricular activities.

Guanard places interaction with students as his main goal on the college campu

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