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There’s a great rule of things out there that you should never bring up with your friends in order to avoid friendship-tearing arguments: beliefs on religion, stances on politics and sex life. And if you’re associated with Lynchburg College, then you know that there is one I left out: your stance on if Lynchburg College should change from college to university.

If you’re new to the whole politics of Lynchburg College, there has been the subject of a possible name change floating around in the college community for some time now. I bring it up now because, like politics, we are in the season of discussing the possible name change again.

Last year there was a great prank placed by a student around campus that changed the color and name of the school. This hilariously fanned a lot of flames on the situation and showed the opinions of the students.

This year, we are having something a bit more formal: a town hall meeting and open forum discussions. The college v. university open forums are being held Aug. 29 – 30 and Sept. 1 and will be held in the West Room at Drysdale Student Center from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Strategic Planning open forums will be held on Sept. 6 – 7 in the East Room at Drysdale from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. The Space Study Analysis open forum is on Sept. 12 in the West Room at Drysdale from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

If you feel strongly, or if you’re just on the fence about the issue of a name change, make sure you try to find the time to attend these open forums and make sure your opinion is heard. You’re a part of the school too!

Lynchburg College is in a time of great transition, incase you haven’t noticed the changes being made so far in the past three years are outstanding – Drysdale Student Center, Domino’s at Stingers, and the Muse at Brewed Awakening – and I’m sure they would love to hear the feedback.

If you were to ask me my opinion on the entire subject of the name change, I’d tell you that we really need to bask on this subject a year or so more – the question has only been in the minds of people associated with LC for a year. To be honest, (gather your pitchforks because I might infuriate a couple of you) I’m all for the change of the school name-wise, but there is a lot of heritage that is in the name of Lynchburg College – 113 years of it to be exact – that I feel could be lost. I also don’t think the school is ready to embrace a larger audience with the name “university” attached to it.

I also don’t think the world is ready to embrace the sting of these Hornets. Of course the name change would not be implemented right after the decision has been made, but I think the school as a whole has a few more steps to take and plans to iron out.

I also paid a lot of money for some of the school merchandise I own – that’s the real reason why I’m addressing this issue. Car stickers don’t come off easy.

Make sure to check out our Multimedia Editor, Lynn Walsh’s interviews with students and alumni about their opinions on the name change.


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