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The Sandusky Dig

Evy Brunelle ~ News Editor

     As the last few weeks of the spring semester wrap up, the Historic Sandusky House has been welcoming students and excavating artifacts. 

     Ashani Parker, a senior, said, “At Sandusky, I am a lab technician, meaning I access and catalogue artifacts that come in from the field sites. On campus, I am president of the Archaeology Society and a member of the Archaeology Advisory Board. I help make the archaeology major more accessible and profitable for students.” 

     Parker explained what has been happening at the Historic Sandusky House. “We have had a fair amount of students sign up and continue to participate,” she said. “These students have learned a lot in a short time. Furthermore, they are enjoying the process of excavating. Currently, they have been finding a lot of ceramics and a few old coins that have been particularly helpful in dating the site.” 

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