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Another Move – Wade to the Cavs

Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~

As the preseason for the NBA (National Basketball Association) begins, and the regular season is on the loom, teams and players are still making some last-minute updates to their rosters to ensure themselves a shot at the championship next June.

We’ve already seen some notable moves take place this summer; Paul George and Carmelo Anthony signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Chris Paul joining James Harden in Houston and leaving L.A., and let’s not forget the blockbuster trade between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics that moved Kyrie Irving to Boston and Isiah Thomas, along with Jae Crowder, to “The Land.” Even after all of that, we still haven’t seen it all. Read more

NFL Drama Ends as Season Begins

Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~

Since Feb. 5, 2017, fans across the country have waited patiently to get back to their routine Sundays again. And now, the wait is over.

A new season has begun, and fans can once again cheer their beloved teams on as they battle to prove who is the most dominant. Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about the return of the National Football League (NFL), touchdown celebrations and a brand new draft class with promising talent. For the next four-and-a-half months, let us gather and enjoy the return of football. Read more

Talk of Trade

Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~

         NBA offseason: the most interesting, talked-about topic of the summer for us sports junkies.

Over the years, the league has been rocked by a mega trade, usually toward the end of the summer. Last year, it was Kevin Durant announcing he would be joining the Golden 

Read more

Sports Junkies: Mayweather Retires Undefeated

Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~

Did you watch it last night? The wait is over; ladies and gentlemen, we have our victor. After patiently waiting for months, or even years, to see Floyd “Money” Mayweather go up against “The Notorious” Connor McGregor, head-to-head, eye-to-eye and face-to-face, fans finally got the opportunity to watch it live on the night of Aug. 26. Read more

Sports Junkie: Toe-to-Toe

Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~

When someone says, “Dream Match,” who else would come to your mind right now besides Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather?

Well, this “Dream Match” is now the biggest fight of the year – maybe even the century. This Sunday, live in Las Vegas, two of the best fighters today, and arguably ever, go head- Read more

Sports Junkie: Persevering Through Pain

Lynn Walsh, Multimedia Editor~

In Sunday’s El Clasico finals, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi scored his 500th goal to give his team the win over Real Madrid.

Previously in the game, Messi scored another goal with a wad of tissue in his mouth from getting knocked around. The pictures are pretty funny, but it just goes to show how tough these athletes are. This got me thinking of other sports-related injuries that weren’t going to stop athletes (or coaches) from finishing the game: Read more

Sports Junkie: Baseball Begins

Lynn Walsh, Multimedia Editor~

Sunday, April 2 marked Opening Day for Major League Baseball with three contests in action. Even though spring training had been underway for some time, the start of the official season means a lot of things, the obvious being the return of a baseball fan’s favorite sport. It also has a lot of other connotations like warm weather and fun nights spent with family and friends. Read more

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