Forever Part of the Hive

Peter Lynch, ’09 Alumnis

We are Hornet born, Hornet bred and, when we die, so the “Lynchburg College Fight
Song” goes, we will be Hornet dead. Not much is said of the period between our Lynchburg rearing and our final Hornet days.

The LC Alumni Association’s Board of Directors is working to make the time in between
exceptional. Current students, faculty, staff and alumni make up the core of the LC community. (more…)

Sports Junkie: Baseball Begins

Lynn Walsh, Multimedia Editor~

Sunday, April 2 marked Opening Day for Major League Baseball with three contests in action. Even though spring training had been underway for some time, the start of the official season means a lot of things, the obvious being the return of a baseball fan’s favorite sport. It also has a lot of other connotations like warm weather and fun nights spent with family and friends. (more…)

Nerd Factor: Compartments of the Disneyverse

Dr. Mike Robinson, LC Communication Studies Professor~

Captain America, Elsa and Darth Vader are standing in a big box retail store.  It sounds like the beginning to a joke, but it’s actually a promotional poster from the end of an aisle in Target. The image was designed to draw customers over to the kids’ t-shirt section, where many potential purchases awaited them. (more…)

LC in History: Madness in the Air

Dr. Clifton W. Potter Jr., LC History Professor~

The day that my recent column appeared which dealt with sunbathing, a friend reminded me that, when Montgomery Hall had a flat roof, it also provided a forbidden place to sun until the administrators in charge discovered the secret and locked the doors. Another friend remarked that the grassy areas behind the lower dorms used to resemble a beach from the first warm spring day until the end of exams. (more…)

Science With Hannah: The Purr-fect Smell

Science With Hannah: The Purr-fect Smell

Hannah Narvaez, Staff Blogger~

When I think of the purpose of wearing perfume, it’s to smell just a little bit better
than usual.

Like something flowery or fruity, sometimes I come across an occasional “musky”
smell that appeals to me. Perfume is just an odd human thing. We really only wear
perfume (and cologne) for other humans. But what about the scent-demands of our
animals? (more…)

Film Review: “Ghost in the Shell”

Daniel Dearden, Staff Writer~

Few films have explored the idea of what it means to be human as strongly as Mamoru
Oshii’s 1995 anime “Ghost in the Shell.”

Based on the 1989 manga of the same name, this cyberpunk film raised the bar for
animation as a whole, even influencing renowned live-action films like “The Matrix.” Naturally, this American adaptation had the unenviable task of honoring its highly regarded source material while still managing to be different enough to justify its existence. The 2017 rendition primarily succeeds in this respect.    (more…)

She Said: Should’ve Said No

Sarah Irby, Assistant Editor

If there’s one thing I’ll never fully understand, it’s cheating.

The way I see it, if you really love and care about someone, then you would never feel the need to betray them or risk your relationship with them just to share a few hot moments with another man or woman who, more times than not, doesn’t even really care about you. (more…)

She Said: Single is the New Black

Sarah Irby ~ Copy Editor

So maybe you’re beginning to feel a little bit like me; you’ve been single for a hot minute, and you’re starting to wonder if you’ll be forever alone. Not to mention, you’re forced to see all these cutesy couples on Facebook, and if you’re anything like me, it just makes you want to throw up. Nobody cares that you’re in love after two days, Janet. These things can start to bring you down, but there’s a whole ton of reasons to embrace being single, and I’m here to be your messenger.


LC Community Divides

Brittany Peck ~ Editor in Chief

The students and alumni of Lynchburg College appear to be torn as they choose sides on the matter of the installment of a new name for LC in the fall of 2018.


Sports Junkie: Fan-Favorite Places

Lynn Walsh ~ Multimedia Editor

On Feb. 8, the new Hornet mascot of Lynchburg College was revealed.

The mascot is an amped-up version of its predecessor, Elsie. Don’t be worried though—Elsie is still alive and well; she just needs a bit of a break. The new Hornet is still nameless, but you can help solve that. You have a chance to be a part of history!


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