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Sports Junkie: Carry on my Hayward Son

Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~

Oct. 17, 2017 marked the start of the NBA regular season, and just like that, the wait is over. Teams, players and  fans have been waiting all summer for this day. Everyone was excited to see the effects of the offseason, so what better way to end the wait than with a game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics? Read more

Nerd Factor: Halloween II

Dr. Mike Robinson, LC Communication Studies Professor~

Well you got through it all last year, but the spooky energy of the season just keeps coming back.  As always, the Nerd Factor cares about you and offers these tips to tell if, once again, you might be in trouble this Halloween.

If you and the other survivors of last year’s events have decided to go to college together or have all taken a job at the same location, then you might be in trouble this Halloween. Read more

Sports Junkie: Running Back into Trouble

Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~

We are approaching week six of the NFL’s (National Football League) regular season, and some big news just hit the media.

Star running-back Ezekiel Elliott, of the Dallas Cowboys, had his suspension reinstated which will now put him out of play for a total of six weeks. At this point in the season, the timing could not be any worse for him or the Dallas Cowboys. The regular season only lasts 15 weeks, and since it’s week six, Elliott is looking at potentially returning to the field at some point during week 12. At this point in the season, it’s almost useless for him to make a return. Read more

She Said: Talking Bodies

Sarah Irby, Editor in Chief~

You’re probably getting really tired of hearing me talk about the importance of communication, but I really can’t stress its significance enough, not only in everyday life, but in your relationships and sex life as well.

So often we strain our relationships or feel uncomfortable in our sexual experiences simply due to miscommunication. This is easily remedied by – you guessed it – talking. People have become so terrified of expressing their feelings or approaching someone face-to-face that we can’t accurately convey what we need to. So in the end, we settle for less than what we want. Read more

The Time for Change is Now

Carter Elliot, Staff Columnist~

Let me start my saying that I am in no way, shape or form anti-gun. I grew up on a dairy farm where shooting water bottles and clay pigeons was a very common occurrence. I even shot competitive shotgun when I was sixteen.

However, since 1991 we have had eight mass shootings, resulting in the deaths of 229 people. The scariest part of this statistic is that 193 of the total 229 people killed in mass shootings in the United States have been since 2007. Let me make this even more clear: 84 percent of all people killed in mass shootings since 1991 were killed in the past decade. This stark rise in mass shootings has caused much chaos and fear in the United States, yet somehow we haven’t done anything to prevent this on a major scale. Read more

Cuddle Weather

Sarah Irby, Editor in Chief~

It’s fall, y’all! You know what that means? It means the weather is going to start getting cooler, the sweaters, scarves and boots are going to come out, and we’re all going to be sipping on our pumpkin spice lattes. The season also means it’s prime time for snuggling, so you better get your cuddle buddies ready. Read more

The Great and Powerful Osborne

Dr. Clifton W. Potter, LC History Professor~

From 1955 until his retirement in 1987, Dr. Paul Osborne was a member of the biology department. These are the simple facts of his tenure at Lynchburg College, but the story of “Oz, great and powerful” encompasses more than two dates separated by a hyphen. Actually, the hyphen is what really matters. During his thirty-two years as a member of the faculty, Dr. Osborne was one of our most popular professors.  He was not the performer that Dr. John Mahan was, although he had a wonderfully dry sense of humor. He did not enjoy the celebrity of Dr. Ruskin Freer, whose name was almost a household word in Central Virginia, but the mere mention of Dr. Osborne will elicit a host of memories from alumni. Read more

Another Move – Wade to the Cavs

Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~

As the preseason for the NBA (National Basketball Association) begins, and the regular season is on the loom, teams and players are still making some last-minute updates to their rosters to ensure themselves a shot at the championship next June.

We’ve already seen some notable moves take place this summer; Paul George and Carmelo Anthony signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Chris Paul joining James Harden in Houston and leaving L.A., and let’s not forget the blockbuster trade between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics that moved Kyrie Irving to Boston and Isiah Thomas, along with Jae Crowder, to “The Land.” Even after all of that, we still haven’t seen it all. Read more

What’s In My Bag?

Dr. Mike Robinson, LC Communication Studies Professor~

I have long made snarky and mocking comments about US Weekly’s attempts to normalize celebrities through its series of features that suggest stars are just like the rest of us while simultaneously promoting products.  Recently though, it occurred to me that I may not have taken the difficulties that such articles pose for the unsung heroes of the magazine to write.  So, in the finest tradition of experiential learning, I have decided to create my own “What’s in My Bag” article to see just what creating such a feature is like.  
Read more

She Said: Oh, I’m Jealous

Sarah Irby, Editor in Chief~

The green-eyed monster runs rampant in relationships, and it is often successful in destroying them. Jealousy is not attractive, but it’s something that a lot of people struggle with in relationships. In the end, it’s mentally taxing and harmful to everyone involved, so let’s try to stop. Read more

Register to Vote

Carter Elliot, Staff Columnist~

On Monday Sept. 25, Tom Perriello visited Lynchburg College. The event drew out approximately 100 people and received an overwhelming amount of support from the student body, the faculty and the local community.

Tom spoke on several topics, including his time in Congress where he aided the passing of the Affordable Care Act and helped write a bill to end domestic violence on college campuses. Read more

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