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The Dreamer by Lana Cunningham

This poem I wrote for my children. I hope my kids never lose sight of their dreams no matter how cold the world is to them. I hope my kids always remember that I will be right there to support their dreams and always protect them to the best of my ability.

Meī tenēte fortiter pretiosī.
Conserve vestra somnia omnibus vīribus.
Enim hīc valeō atque hīc stō.
Semper hīc meum manum tendere,

Alere omnia somnia quae tenētis. 

Et dēfendere vōs ā frigidō. 

Vōs semper amābō meōs pretiosōs. 

Quod mater vestra sum, amor meus numquam timet.

Meī tenēte fortiter pretiosī, 

Ad omne somnium in vestrīs aspectibus.  

The Dream

My dears, hang tight. Keep your dreams with all your might. For here I am and here I stand. Forever here to reach out my hand. To support every dream, you hold. To shelter you from the cold. I will forever love you my dears. For I am your mother, my love never fears. My dears hang on tight. To every dream in your sights.

Critograph International

Dr. Ghislaine Lewis ~ Advisor

At the urging of Provost Allison Jablonski and in collaboration with the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, the Critograph has launched a new foreign language section titled Critograph International on their website.

Dr. Georg M. Schwarzmann, associate professor of German and Spanish said “ The Crit is the most widely read student newsletter on campus, so it makes sense to start a collaboration and offer our students of foreign languages a platform to share their ideas and voice their opinions on a variety of matters related to the cultures that they are studying.” 

Editor-in-Chief of the Critograph Grace Cavanaugh said, “I am very excited about the new foreign language section. Not only does it help us reach students who understand and can write in  a second language but it also offers practice to those who are studying languages.”

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Latin poem: Nox et Lux (“Night and Light” in English)

By Sarah Copeland ~ Guest Writer

Nox et Lux

Quis es tū iūdicāre tenebrās?

Cōgitās esse dē malō et dolō, timēs arcanum.

Dissimulat mendacia quae dant miserīs actīs.

Bonum occultatur tenebrīs et domātur.

Est presentia ignota, itaque terret virōs.

Vocās et putās singulum dictum, sed non vēro vidēs

Tenebrae pulchrae sunt, et ūnā laborant cum luce.

Juvat facere differentiam quae format terram videndam clare.

Tenebrae generant locum servandum ā vigiliā solis.

Sol quī indicat causās aut populōs quī dēbent esse occultī.

Lux locat magnum destinatum ubī videt.

Umquam spectat, numquam inhibet, aut audit clāmōribus.

Dolet et dat dolorem post longōs dies in suīs radiīs.

Dum nox tē servat ab onere diēī.

Ita cūr timēs tenebrās et noctem?

Cum lux numquam populōs vī suā excubāre et superāre dēsinit.

Night and Light

Who are you to judge the shadows?

You think it is of evil and treachery, you fear the mystery.

It hides lies which give to wretched acts.

Good is taken by the shadows, and is subdued.

It is an unknown presence, and so it frightens men.

You say and you think every word, but do not truly see.

The dark is beautiful, and works together with the light.

It helps to make a contrast which forms the land to be seen brightly.

The dark creates a place to be safe from the sun’s watch.

The sun which reveals things or people that need to be hidden.

Light puts a great target everywhere it sees.

Ever it watches, it never stops, or listens to the cries.

It hurts and causes pain after long days in its rays.

While the night shields you from the burden of day.

So why is it that you fear the darkness and the night?

When the light never stops watching and conquering people with its might.