Rising Crime on Campus

Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

Within the past few weeks, the University of Lynchburg has seen a rise in the  number of crimes that are affecting the safety and security of  students.

Since the beginning of the semester there have been several incidents of larceny and homes being broken into on campus.

In addition to these crimes, there have also been several instances of indecent exposure that happened inside the Knight-Capron Library and on College Drive.

Campus Safety & Security released a photo of one of the suspects who committed indecent exposure and although he has been spotted on campus, the suspect ran away from security before they could catch him.

Campus security sent an alert on October 12th, stating that there had been many cars broken into with items stolen with one of those cars having been stolen itself.

The message continued to state that crimes like these can be avoided by keeping valuables out of vehicles and keeping these vehicles locked.

Junior Rebbeca Woods who is also a commuter student stated, “Campus security could be doing better, though it’s not bad enough that I feel unsafe, just that they could do more.”

They continued, “Like with the flasher, they should have gotten off their golf cart and tackled him, but they didn’t, and that almost seemed irresponsible in my eyes. Maybe if they took more of an initiative to keep things as safe as they can be on campus, that would be appreciated.”

Community Assistant Alexander Crissman, class of 2024, said, “I think that through their actions, security ends up showing just how much or how little they care for certain concerns.” 

Crissman continues, “ There is a certain stigma towards the campus security team and it’s not something that students can simply change their perspective on when it is something they are clearly observing.” 

Campus security has also stated that they have made improvements to their systems earlier this semester, having added new vehicles and new training for their officers.

This has not seemed to stop the increasing levels of crime, however, as there are still consistent reports of crime. 

To view a log of the crimes committed on campus visit: https://www.lynchburg.edu/student-life/campus-safety-and-security/daily-crime-log/

If any residents of the University notice any suspicious behavior or have any information on any of these events, please contact Campus Security at 434-544-5555 or by using the LiveSafe App.

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