Nerd Factor: How Does Spider-Man Move a Sofa?

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This article contains mild spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home, but I think you probably know this about the movie by now. If not, I am seriously impressed by your spoiler dodging skills. 

By Dr. Mike ~ UL Communication Studies Professor

Moving a sofa is one of life’s special problems. While you can shove one around your house solo, getting a sofa to another location or up a set of stairs requires the assistance of others. 

On the surface, this seems like an easy problem for a superhero to solve. A fantastic set of abilities should allow one to easily move heavy furniture. If you can punch it out with Thanos, you can surely move your latest purchase from Ikea. 

The problem here though is one of secret identities. Everyone knows Tony Stark is Iron Man. So there’s nothing particularly weird about Tony Stark showing up at a furniture store, signing for the item, and then flying away with it. Things are harder for Spidey because nobody knows that he and Peter Parker are one and the same. I mean, that’s what Spider-Man: No Way Home is all about, limiting that knowledge. 

Peter Parker cannot move a sofa on his own. I once saw a professional mover carry my gigantic sofa tucked under his arm. Believe me, it’s the sort of thing you never forget seeing. I’d seen sporting events, so I was abstractly aware that some people were crazy strong, but a dude just casually walking in with a long sofa is a completely different story. Everyone who saw the feat would remember the time the Parker kid walked a sofa in solo. 

So, he’s going to have to do this as Spider-Man. But if Spidey shows up with a sofa at Peter Parker’s place, people are going to ask why Peter Parker is not there to help him move it in. Peter Parker is going to look like a complete jerk who takes advantage of Spider-Man. 

With these options closed, Spidey has to turn to other friends. This seems a cruel ask of ordinary humans. I mean, can the normally guilt ridden Spider-Man stand by as regular people get back strain on his behalf just so he can protect his secret identity? Not likely. 

Spidey can’t ask other superhero friends for help. If they show up in costume, that just creates questions about how Peter Parker knows Captain Marvel or Thor. Convincing those friends to show up out of costume though is a big ask. Imagine calling up a buddy and saying “Hey, can you skip your normal world-saving activities to come over and help Peter Parker move a sofa?”

Fortunately, there is a solution. Thanks to Into the Spider-Verse and No Way Home, Spider-Man is fully aware of the multiverse. There are multiple spider-powered people just a nearby alternate universe away. 

Spider-Man can potentially tap into an alternate force of moving buddies, a group of other variants who understand his predicament and who also believe that having the great power to move a sofa gives one the great responsibility to help others move sofas. 

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